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    16 Innovative Origins of Holiday Traditions
    Video   /  
    This week, John takes a closer look at some popular holiday traditions.
    Balls on escalator
    Video   /  
    static loop of kinetic energy, redefining location
    Meet Jeff mockumentary biopic about a giant killer robot who plays
    Video   /  
    Meet Jeff is a Wired web-series that's a mockumentary about a robot actor called Jeff 1000 who has...
    Report 66 journalists killed 119 kidnapped 853 arrested in
    News   /  
    Reporters Without Borders today published its 2014 tally of abuses against journalists. According...
    AZ illustrated list of CIA s torture program
    Pic   /  
    Oscar Rickett and ‚ÄčKrent Able created The A-Z of Torture for Vice. More images after more.
    Cold Weather Myths
    Video   /  
    Is there a mother out there who doesn’t warn their children that going out in the cold is...
    MeasureIt MI48BP Adhesive Measuring Tape Roll
    Other   /  
    Measure-It! Adhesive Measuring Tape is the measuring tape that sticks. Good idea.
    Coffee Mug With Pipe In Handle
    Office   /  
    It's a $50 ceramic coffee mug with an "intented-for-tobacco-use-only" pipe in the handle....
    Home made cell phone balloon case
    DIY   /  
    How to make a cell phone case out of a balloon.
    Japan Breast Beautifying Hand On A Stick
    Other   /  
    This is the Oppai Taisou Hand, a $28 piece of plastic that's supposed to make your breasts look and...
    Millennium Falcon s hyperdrive malfunction SFX demonstrated by Sound Designer Ben
    Film   /  
    The 'comical' sounds that make the Millennium Falcon's hyperdrive malfunction, as demonstrated by...
    The Chemistry of Brussels Sprouts Bitterness
    Pic   /  
    "There’s one vegetable at the Christmas dinner table that’s always bound to elicit...
    Why is it Harder to Drive Backwards
    Video   /  
    MinutePhysics why driving backwards is harder than driving forwards.
    Picture of day stars
    Pic   /  
    Under the stars
    Robotic Bartender Mixes The Perfect Cocktail
    Appliance   /  
    The Somabar robotic bartender project is currently over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website...
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