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    Dude Perfect s WorldRecord Breaking Basketball Trick
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    Texas-based trick shot team, Dude Perfect, smashes eleven Guinness World Records while performing a series of insanely difficult basketball trick shots.
    If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans
    Video   /  
    Comedian JP Sears hilariously spoofs vegan stereotypes by imagining a world where meat eaters embody the mentality of vegans.
    Adam Ruins Everything Fortune Cookies
    Video   /  
    Think fortune cookies originated in China? Guess again.
    A WhiteTailed Eagle Wearing a Camera Records a Breathtaking 111MPH Flight Over
    Video   /  
    Flying eagle point of view by Sony Action Cam Mini (A flight over Paris)
    How Extreme Is The Weather In Our Universe
    Video   /  
    We love talking about the weather here on Earth, but what’s the weather like for the rest of the universe?
    Tonight Show Funny Face Off with Miley Cyrus
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    Jimmy and Miley try to recreate funny faces on the spot that kid viewers sent to The Tonight Show.
    What happens if you fill a Balloon with Liquid
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    Will the balloon freeze and crack, and spill liquid nitrogen everywhere?...Or will the liquid stay inside? And if so, what happens next?
    Everything Wrong With Alice In Wonderland
    Video   /  
    Everything Wrong With Alice In Wonderland
    An Honest Trailer For WreckIt Ralph
    Video   /  
    An Honest Trailer For Wreck-It Ralph
    Goofing Around In 109 MPH Wind Funny
    Video   /  
    "Shot from the summit the afternoon of 2/16/2015, this videos shows blowing snow near Mount Clay at Clay Col. Winds had decreased from gusting as high as 141 mph early in the day to...
    A Supercut Of Movies Copying The World s Most Famous
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    "Filmmakers can't seem to resist recreating some of our greatest paintings in movie form. See if you can spot them. "
    Unmelting A Candy Lollipop Is Oddly Satisfying
    Video   /  
    Unmelting this rainbow candy lollipop was an oddly satisfying video to put together. This is the full video, in reverse with free music from NoCopyrightSounds.
    This Mathematician Hacked His Way To True Love On
    Video   /  
    "Chris McKinlay was just like thousands of other graduate students. He spent most of his nights chiseling away at his PhD thesis—an arcane treatise on large-scale data...
    Crushing Fake Limbs With Hydraulic Press
    Video   /  
    Crushing fake limbs with hydraulic press
    Prison Break Returns to FOX With This First
    Video   /  
    FOX has revealed a trailer for a brand new season, which picks up some years after the events of the last season and finds Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) in a Moroccan...
    DIY Jurassic Park Power Wheels Jeep
    DIY   /  
    This Barbie Power Wheels Jeep was converted into a Jurassic Park jeep, and it looks so cool. If you want to see a really awesome build, check out Fromanizzle’s gallery of imgur for...
    Chill Bag The EightFoot Bean Bag
    Room   /  
    Measuring a massive 96 inches in diameter and 34 inches tall, this gigantic bean bag really is eight feet and the perfect addition to your lounge. The Chill Bag is filled with an original...
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