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    You Can Rent This Complete 2Bedroom House That Floats along the
    News   /  
    Airbnb's fully functioning floating house sets sail along the river thames. This is a house with a fully functional kitchen, bathroom and 2 bedrooms . The dwelling stands at eight meters...
    Roman Candle Attack Drone 20
    Video   /  
    Andy Stewart and friends equipped a  DJI Phantom drone with a pair of Roman candles and sent the guys running around in the snow without shirts.
    How to Tell if a Guy Likes You vs How to Tell if a Girl Likes
    Video   /  
    Mr. Forthright Explains How to Tell If a Guy Likes You vs. How to Tell If a Girl Likes You
    Steve Jobs Official First Look
    Film   /  
    Universal Releases the First Trailer for the Steve Jobs Biopic Starring Michael Fassbender as the Late Apple Founder
    This  Sonic the Hedgehog  Fan Film is the Saddest Fan Film
    Video   /  
    The Hedgehog’ is a short drama (7min) that follows a lone boy, who dressed up as his favorite video game hero, searches for adventure in a deserted suburban landscape…
    Life Advice from 50 Favorite Cartoon Characters
    Pic   /  
    Check out this chart of 50 inspiriing life quotes from characters from kid’s movies and shows. It was put together by AAA State of Play, a commercial playground equipment company.
    Star Wars R2D2 Trashcan
    Film   /  
    Star Wars R2-D2 Trashcan($130) from thinkgeek."Trash is just not that cool. Not only can it be dirty and odorous but it’s simply low-tech and boring.At least that’s what...
    Why We Haven t Cured Cancer
    Video   /  
    Join SciShow as we discuss what's wrong with that question and why it's so hard to find a cure.
    Taylor Swift Debuts New Music Video For Bad
    Video   /  
    Taylor Swift has finally debuted her hotly-anticipated new music video for “Bad Blood,” featuring a slew of the hottest models and celebrities making cameos. The video is...
    Every Killer Car in Mad Max Fury Road Explained
    Film   /  
    Thanks to art director and production designer Colin Gibson, the film’s roster of cars varied from souped up Chevys to outrageous war machines built with vintage car parts Gibson...
    World s First Triple Backflip On A Scooter
    Video   /  
    This is a video of Nitro Circus's Ryan Williams successfully landing the world's first triple backflip on a scooter.
    All 50 States Ranked by Marijuana Prices
    Pic   /  
    All 50 States Ranked by Marijuana Prices[ image ]
    Architects Design Wooden Bicycle Frame to Explore Structural
    Bike   /  
    Bike manufacturer AERO created this prototype bicycle frame from layers of birch to test wooden structural techniques that can be applied to architectural projects. The bicycle was...
    Furniture   /  
    Elevate, a  portable standing workstation from New Zealand. Elevate comes flat packed and assembles in seconds with no tools required. There is no need for a bulky standing desk,...
    The Avengers reimagined as dark fantasy
    Pic   /  
    These excellent illustrations by Artist Daniel Kamarudin. He took what we saw in the Marvel movies and turned them darker and added more of a fantasy flair to them.You can see the whole...
    Dymaxion Car
    Video   /  
    The word Dymaxion is a term that Buckminster Fuller, an American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, and inventor, associated with much of his work. The word is a portmanteau...
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