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    The Most Unsatisfying Video Ever Made
    Video   /  
    "The Most Unsatisfying Video in the World ever made" undoubtedly cause you a great deal of discomfort.
    Get Lost with the World s Master Maze Maker
    Video   /  
    For many of us, mazes represent a mysterious unknown, an enigmatic and entertaining puzzle of mythic proportions, and Englishman Adrian Fisher is the world's preeminent maze designer....
    Mark Rober s Automatic Bullseye Dartboard
    Video   /  
    Mark Rober took him three years to perfect, a moving dartboard that allows even novice players to score a perfect bullseye with every throw."Basically, you throw a dart and then a...
    Greer Barnes StandUp on The Late Show
    Video   /  
    Comedian Greer Barnes has to be careful while walking through his neighborhood at night.
    Why is Greenland an Island and Australia a
    Video   /  
    There are several different ways of thinking about how many continents there are, with models ranging from 4 to 7 continents. However, in most English speaking countries, as well as other...
    Watch the Full Water Fight Scene from the Ghost in the Shell
    Film   /  
    You may have seen a very short clip of the scene in the various 'Ghost in the Shell', here’s the full fight scene!In the near future, Major (Scarlett Johansson) is the first of her...
    Does Water Swirl the Other Way in the Southern
    Video   /  
    "The idea that water going down a drain or flushed down a toilet swirls in opposite directions in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres has a long history. But few have ever done the...
    How Bad Typography Has Ruined More Than Just the
    Video   /  
    The 2017 Oscars ended with a pretty shocking mix-up. Announcer Warren Beatty incorrectly named La La Land as the Best Picture winner, and the mistake wasn't revealed until crew members...
    ColorWare retrostyled iPhone 7 Plus
    Apple   /  
    This iPhone 7 Plus Retro($1,900) by Colorware. Like the earlier custom ColorWare designs, the iPhone 7 Plus Retro Edition is repainted in a 1980’s beige, complete with darker...
    Selena Gomez Answers 73 Questions for Vogue
    Video   /  
    "Whether it's acting, singing, or appearing on the cover of Vogue, Selena Gomez is doing it all. Instagram's biggest star invites Vogue in and takes a shot at answering 73 unexpected...
    Apple iPhone 7 Product Red Edition
    Apple   /  
    Apple announces a (RED) iPhone. The phone will be available this Friday and proceeds from each device will support the Global Fund to help fight AIDS. It's the same iPhone 7 that's been...
    Raptor Fishing Platform XL
    Outdoor   /  
    Raptor’s Fishing Platform XL is a 150 square foot fishing platform. It's made up of four airdecks and one 50cm surrounding tube, and which is constructed from super tough 5-layer...
    Cell Division Time Lapse
    Video   /  
    A frog embryo from the common European frog.
    Ship Returning To Norway After A Three Month Journey Across The
    Video   /  
    Ship returning to Norway after a three month journey across the Atlantic
    Sobro Cooler Coffee Table a coffee table with a builtin
    Gadget   /  
    This is the Kickstarter for the Sobro, a $500 modern coffee table that includes a 24-bottle refrigerated drawer, dual Bluetooth speakers, LED light effects beneath the table, two USB...
    Insane Man Stunting On The Side Of His Truck While
    Video   /  
    This is a video of a man who it's hard to believe managed to live to driver's license age, stunting on the side of his truck while driving down the road. It makes absolutely zero sense.
    The Brick DoubleDomino Effect Explained
    Video   /  
    The Brick Double-Domino Effect Explained
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