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    China's first moon rover, Yutu, or Jade Rabbit, separated from the lander early on Sunday, several hours after the Chang'e-3 probe soft-landed on the lunar surface.
    The Chang'e-3 landing craft carried the rover to the smooth Bay of Rainbows region of the moon after a voyage launched December 1st. The rover, named Yutu (Jade Rabbit in English), is a 260lb six-wheeled solar powered explorer with a top speed of 660 feet per hour.
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    Gollum draws about his life.
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    The joy of the holidays touches our employees and visitors in this musical flash mob.
    Death Stalker Fantasy Blade looks awesome
    Measuring 14.5 inches long, there are “two full tang black stainless steel blades [to] form the sides and claws. [There's a] metal tail with stainless steel stinger blade. [And a] rubber coated handle and metal forearm plate. Includes wood display stand. $50 from Amazon.
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    A LifeSize Flying TARDIS
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    This is a brief video of a life-size flying TARDIS taking off. (Watch the video) It's powered by 12 individual rotors. Sadly, it is crash in the end.
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    Ipad Apptivity Seat
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    The Ipad Apptivity Seat is suitable for the newborn and toddlers. The seat features an overhead pivoting case for iPad. For those parients worrying the harm to their baby's eyesight, a mirror and removable toys can be placed in the pivoting case instead.
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    Lime pocket
    Lime Pocket is by Nendo is a little jacket for a slice of citrus — an accessory made for adding a twist of lemon or lime to gin-based drinks. It is desined to keep fingers clean and dry when squeezing a spritz of juice to a cocktail. The pocket can also be easily hung on the edge of one's glass. as a response to the difficulties of advertising the spirits that are used in a cocktail.
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    Star Wars Death Star Birdhouse
    The Death Star Birdhouse(£25), modelled on the twice-exploding space station from the Star Wars saga, this ceramic birdhouse for most visiting birds in your garden, hanging from your tree. Cool Birdhouse!
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    Ant Colony Sculptures by Pouring Molten Metal into Ant
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    Anthill Art is selling his metal sculptures of ant colonie on eBay that made by pouring molten aluminum directly into an ant colony. Watch the video! We don't know if ants were dead in the process.
    "I make casts of ant colonies using molten aluminum to fill the tunnels and chambers of the nest. The result is an amazing sculpture showing the intricate detail of the nest architecture. The cast is then mounted for display on a wood base. Each display has a stainless steel plaque mounted on it with information on the cast and a unique cast number."
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    A special Christmas version of The Simpsons Couch Gag in an all-new episode: "White Christmas Blues"
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    Popular prank and music group Ylvis is back. After setting up a taxi with video and sound equipment, they follow the cab as it picks up passengers, and act as the radio.
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