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    Blacksmith Tony Swatton made Blades of Chaos from God of War this week.
    Rubber Band Machine Gun
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    The Rubber Band Machine Gun ($100 on kickstarter) is a all-wooden, fully-automatic rubber band gun, an electric motor rotates the barrels around a central axis with each trigger pull, letting you unleash all 672 shots in 48 seconds flat from sixteen total barrels.
    "This is a fully automatic machine gun, constructed accordingly to the Gatling machine gun principle. The body is made from the birch plywood and cut out on the CNC machine. Its ammo consists of 672 shots of rubber bands."
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    Flowershell are standard 12 gauge (0.729 in, 18.5 mm) shotgun ammunition, but instead of being filled with birdshot or buckshot, they’re loaded with one of twelve different seed types. Designed by Studio Total. Flower Shells has just launched a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. You can currently pre-order a box of four shells for $50 dollars.
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    80 s Lego by nbsp Dan Sheam
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    These are illustrations of 1980's characters as Lego minifigs, by artist Dan Sheam.
    "This is a personal project based on one of my favourite childhood toys, and now my sons favourite as well, Lego. I love the iconic nature of the mini figure it has endured decades and is now a design icon in its own right. I grew up in the 80s and played with lego mostly in the 80s so i decided it would be fun to produce 80 mini figures based on my favourite 80s icons."
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    Conceptual  Copy  Paste  Tool is a Portable Scanner and Printer In
    Copy & Paste is a portable scanning and printing concept tool that can transfer the images and text from one source to another source, good idea. Pushing the button on the underside activates the scanner, while the button on top activates the printer.
    - A button on the underside activates the scan function.
    - A button on the top activates the print function.
    - Copy & Paste can print directly into one’s notebook; additional paper is not required.

    Copy & Paste is a 2013 red dot award: design concept winner.
    Designed by Jayeong Yoon & Seulki Kim.
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    Blur Studios did the visual effects for the prologue, wacth how they made it in this video.
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    Dalek Christmas Tree
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    How about this Dalek Christmas Tree. Cool
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    USB finger
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    Grizzly Bear Underwear
    Hibernate your ferocious manhood (or indeed womanhood) inside the polyester warmth of this Grizzly Bear Underwear. These beastly boxers are hand-crafted by virile Polish seamstresses and feature truly impeccable workmanship. You may see the grizzly bear snarling, yawning or singing.
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    Rassen chopsticks
    Rassen chopsticks by Japan's Nendo and Hashikura Matsukan are a pair of chopsticks as a single unit, which can be separated into two for eating. The utensils were created using a multi-axis CNC mill to achieve the twisting form.
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    Legless corkscrew
    The Legless Corkscrew is designed like a peg-legged pirate with eye-patch, beard, hook hand, earing, black bandana and even a parrot. It is a corkscrew includng an easy-open lever, a foil cutter and a beer bottle opener. 
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    HandPowered Paper Shredder
    Tools   /   Comments
    This hand-powered paper shredder allows you to shred your personal documents before trashing them. No need of electricity. Simply twist the two end caps and the paper will get shredded.
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    Best Beans Ad Ever, haha!
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