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    The Last Of The Iron Lungs
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    Paul Alexander is one of the last few remaining polio survivors that depend on iron lungs—half-century-old machines that force inhabitants to breathe.
    Speed Skating POV
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    They keep an average speed of about 30-33 mph.
    The Gorgeously Elaborate Process of Making Traditional Chinese Nanshan Noodles by
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    The kind of Chinese noodles exists for more than 300 years, but only 300 people know the process for how to make it. The character who still keep making this kind of noodles for 30 years,...
    What it Feels Like to Slide Downhill at 90 MPH
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    John Daly is an American skeleton racer and a two-time Olympic athlete. Sliding face-down, head-first on a slick bobsled track at 90 mph might sound insane, but for Daly, it’s the...
    This Is the Oldest Restaurant in the World
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    Botín Restaurant has kept the flame burning for the past 293 years … literally. Ever since the doors opened in 1725, the oven has been sizzling continuously, never to be extinguished....
    Video Of SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch Rattling A Car Over 3 Miles
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    This is a video from the dash cam of some SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launch spectators in a parking lot 3.26 miles away from the launch site. The power of the rocket makes the whole car...
    Knight Rider Kitt Replica
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    Knight Rider Kitt replica
    How To Replace Blinker Fluid
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    " Learn how to change out the Blinker Fluid in your car or truck with my easy to follow how-to video!"
    Elon R U Ok
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    elon r u ok
    LEGO Zombie Apocalypse
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    Visual effects artist Nicholas King, aka "Nixolas," cleverly imagines what a LEGOfied version of a zombie apocalypse would look like."Not sure if I could take LEGO Zombies seriously..."
    The First Teaser Trailer for Venom Starring Tom
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    Sony Pictures just released a first trailer for Venom, an upcoming 2018 Spider-Man spin-off film starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock / Venom. The film, which also stars Michelle Williams...
    Simon s Cat in Head Over Heels  A Valentine s Day
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    'A love struck cat falls head over heels for a beautiful queen'.
    A Look Back at This Week 20 Years Ago February 814
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    What happened 20 years ago this week?  What movies came out?  What songs were on the radio?  What video games were released?  What was on TV?  What was the...
    I Feel Pretty Official Trailer
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    STX Entertainment just released the first look at I Feel Pretty, an upcoming 2018 comedy film starring Amy Schumer, Rory Scovel, Emily Ratajkowski, Aidy Bryant, and Michelle Williams. I...
    Falcon Heavy Boosters Landing Simultaneously
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    Landing of the Spacex Falcon Heavy outboard boosters.
    The Pinball Doctors
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    The Last Arcade Technicians in NYC.
    Line Rider Fade
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    "I've synchronized the song "Fade" by Alan Walker to the physics of a Line Rider track drawing everything by hand. It only took about 3 months of work! I've listened to the song thousands...
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