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    Breaking Bad Blue Sky Snow Globe
    This Blue Sky Snow Globe which features Walt and Jesse’s Winnebago, and a snowfall of blue meth.
    "This Blue Sky Snow Globe is a fond look back on Walt and Jesse's humble beginnings. Deep in the arid deserts of Albuquerque rests their unassuming recreational vehicle, but give the globe a shake and transform this placid scene into a blizzard of drugs, money and violence. "
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    Digital Super 8

    Digital Super 8
    Kodak’s Super 8 Film system is "a brilliant film format that inspired thousands of wonderfully well made Super 8 cinema cameras. Unfortunately, the proprietary film cartridges are no longer in production and existing supplies are quickly diminishing."
    The Digital Super 8 is a tiny but which has a 5mp OmniVision sensor and a custom glass objective lens. It records 720p H.264 video with a 4:3 aspect ratio.The Nolab uses SD cards for storage and relies on a rechargeable battery for power.
    "Avoid all of the hassles associated with film.
    Footage limited only by SD card size
    No film processing time or costs
    No telecine transfer time or costs
    Direct import into editing application
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    Grass Kart Racing
    "A festive feline goes looking for a Christmas treat."
    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos apologizes for the Amazon Prime Air drones, and outlines what steps the company will take to make them work
    Mini Ice Spikes for the fashionista with everything but a

    Mini Ice Spikes for the fashionista with everything but a
    From the website:
    Nordic Grip Mini is the result of an intense research and development effort to make fashionable, convenient-to-carry and easy-on/easy-off traction cleats for people who don’t typically wear ice spikes.
    Nordic Grip Mini comes with a carrying case that is quite elegant in addition to easily fitting in your purse or bag.
    Mini has the distinctive Nordic Grip pattern and is made of TPE that retains its properties even at -40 degrees.
    The result is a set of affordable and stylish traction cleats that have a superior grip.
    Perfect for shorter walks and on-the-go access.

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    Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie

    What started as an April Fool’s joke in 2012,  now become a real product, the Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie from thinkgeek.
    "Wild Mage. Wizard. Sorcerer. Illusionist. Enchanter. Invoker. Necromancer. There are so many words to describe people who wield magical powers. We have one word: badass. Let’s look at your average adventuring party: The fighter swings her greatsword, cleaving through two orcs. Sweet. The rogue pops out of the shadows, backstabbing the hobgoblin. Nice! The ranger fires an arrow through the throat of The Bandit King, right in the middle of his monologue. Love it. The cleric is adept with both a mace and a bandage. Phew! But the wizard sets entire battlefields on fire before lunch."
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    10 Desk Accessories Designed From A Single Slab Of
    As a part of the new Design Made in France Expo, ten young designers were tasked with resurrecting the form; each was given a single slab of solid oak with the brief to create a functional, clean-lined "pocket" to hold onto the stuff that makes for messy workstation
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    How does a drumkit sound on different locations. Performed by Julien Audigier on Natal drums.
    Supercut of Archery in Movies
    Vilac Chair
    This is an appealing Pop Art chair for children. Created by artist Keith Haring from French Vilac, the chair represents children raising their arms in joy. Size: 27.5h x 19w x 9"d. Suitable for children aged 2 and up. $128
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    Giant African Land Snail New Beauty Treatment
    A Russian beauty salon uses Achatina fulica snail, also known as the Giant African land snail, for facal massage at the club in Russia's Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk. Snails' massage method, which is believed to speed up the regeneration of the skin and to eliminate wrinkles and scars, has become more popular among beauty salons and female health clubs.
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    Slate Mobile Airdesk
    The Slate Mobile Airdesk is essential accessory for your laptop. Created for business professionals, students, designers, gamers, or just anyone with a laptop. It is cut from a block of pure, premium bamboo. It's ultra lightweight, super strong, and it will absorb the heat from your laptop. The curves, air ventilation, and docking station are chiseled, hand-sanded, and polished to mirror the feeling of glass. A super thick and heavy duty mouse pad is installed and sits flush against the surface of the slate.
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