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    How Americans Got Stuck With Endless Drug
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    And what they're doing to our health.
    A Robot from Disney shows very fluid motion
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    Early test of Jimmy, a teleoperated robot based on hybrid hydrostatic transmissions, developed by researchers from Disney Research, the Catholic University of America, and Carnegie Mellon...
    SciShow Space Explains What SiliconBased Life Could Look Like and Whether It Could Even
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    It's possible life could form based on elements other than carbon, but they would look much different than the life we are used to.
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    Hauntingly Beautiful Drone Footage of a Boat
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    A boat graveyard in the forgotten borough, wrecks of former vessels viewed from the sky.
    Barack Obama Sings Justin Timberlake s Can t Stop The
    Video   /  
    President Barack Obama "sings" Justin Timberlake's latest hit, "Can't Stop The Feeling," in the latest "Baracks Dubs" mashup music video from Memphis-based...
    Simone Giertz is Queen of Crappy Robots
    Tech   /  
    In this clip from last night's episode of The Late Show, Swedish inventor Simone Giertz, aka "The Queen of Sh*tty Robots," demonstrates a few of her most popular crappy...
    How to Build Zombie Defense Weapons Out of Household
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    If there is ever a Zombie apocalypse, Vinny shows you how to make some defense weapons with household items!
    Picture of day  nbsp Hidden Rainbow Hair
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    "Hidden Rainbow Hair for shy People who are bold Inside."
    German Eyes World Record For Heaviest Rideable
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    Using giant tires from an industrial fertilizer spreader and scrap steel, Frank Dose from Germany man has built a bicycle weighing 2,072 pounds that he plans to pedal into the record...
    Flight Attendant Performs Hilarious Looney Tunes
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    Southwest Looney tunes announcement, southwest cohearts, Zach Haumesser
    School s Out
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    "Reverend James L. Seawood remembers what happened to his elementary school after the last African American family was forced out of Sheridan, Arkansas, in the 1950’s."
    Blind Film Critic Tommy Edison Tries to Guess the Color of Scented
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    Tommy Edison, who’s been blind since birth, tries to guess the colors of scented candles by their smell.
    How Will You Die
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    Science, statistics and lifestyle can help predict how you will die!
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    New Simon s Cat Short Trash Cat
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    Simon’s Cat tries to gain entry into the trash bin where the yummy remainders of his human’s meal waited for him.
    Adam Ruins Everything Why Divorce is Actually a Good
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    Everyone says half of all marriages end in divorce, but it's not actually true.
    Insane Urban Downhill Mountain Bike
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    Marcelo Gutiérrez dodges power lines, walls, and street signs in the narrow back streets of Chile and Slovakia during the intense competition of urban downhill mountain bike...
    Under The Ice With Freediver Johanna Nordblad
    Video   /  
    Finnish freediver Johanna Nordblad holds the world record for a 50-meter dive under ice. She discovered her love for the sport through cold-water treatment while recovering from a...
    What It s Like Living In The Coldest Place On
    Video   /  
    Living in the Coldest Place on Earth : Documentary on Life in Antarctica.
    Finding Dory Told Using Only Emoji
    Video   /  
    Disney presents a recap of Finding Dory told using only emoji.
    Biggest Air Cannon In The World
    Video   /  
    Video of our our biggest air cannon, which was made in cooperation with czech TV show 'Wonders of nature'.
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