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    100 Years of Handbag Fashion in 3 Minutes
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    100 Years of Fashion: Handbags
    Sully Official Trailer
    Film   /  
    Here's the first look at Sully starring Tom Hanks as Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, an airline captain who, in 2009, heroically saved everyone onboard US Airways Flight 1549 by...
    Stephen Colbert on the Rio Olympics Being in Complete
    Video   /  
    In this clip from last night's episode of the Late Show, host Stephen Colbert discusses the crime, corruption, and controversy plaguing this year's Summer Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro,...
    A Space Shuttle Launch Seen From A Plane Is
    Video   /  
    A pilot in the area was able to shoot this video with his iPhone. It is a great video of Atlantis piercing the clouds on its way to low earth orbit and a rendevous with the ISS and the...
    Alabama Country Girl Catches Giant Catfish With Bare
    Video   /  
    19-year-old Hannah Barron of Crenshaw County catches a catfish with her bare hands.
    Turn Any Drink Into Bubbles
    Gadget   /  
    You’ll love this Bubble Lick Edible Bubbles Kit. It lets you turn almost any drink into bubbles you can then chase around the house and catch with your mouth."It comes in a...
    Trolls Official Trailer
    Film   /  
    Here's the Official trailer for DreamWorks Animations' upcoming 2016 animated musical comedy, Trolls, starring Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake. Trolls comes to theaters on November...
    Korean Girls Try Traditional Mexican Food for the First
    Video   /  
    Most Koreans are familiar with basic Mexican food, so we had them try more unique dishes. In this video, Korean girls try carnitas, tripas, chorizo, lengua, tamales, menudo, fish and...
    Guy Performs Crazy Tricks With Stringless YoYo
    Video   /  
    Derek Muller explains the science behind yo-yo maestro Ben Conde's amazing stringless yo-yo tricks.
    How the Stock Market Works
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    How the Stock Market Works
    Watch the Spectacular Special Effects Behind Game of Thrones Battle of the
    Video   /  
    Here’s Iloura’s reel showing off all the visual effects that went into the battle and they’re just spectacular.
    The Floating Piers By Christo And JeanneClaude
    Video   /  
    We reported it before, let watch the video.Opening day of Christo's Floating Piers on Lake Iseo, Italy, June 18th, 2016.
    Where Do Galaxies Come From
    Video   /  
    Where Do Galaxies Come From? by MinutePhysics
    Road Trip Roof Top Tent
    Outdoor   /  
    Road Trip is the soft roof top tent designed by iKamper. The roof tent cover is attached to the roof top tent. Designed to rest on the top of your car and easily fold-out to reveal a...
    Volunteers Sledgehammer The Crap Out Of A Glass Bridge To Prove Its
    Video   /  
    The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon bridge in central China's Hunan was smashed by a sledgehammer for more than 150 hits! Volunteers also drove an SUV on it. The bridge is expected to open to...
    How Old Is Your Body Really
    Video   /  
    Do all of your cells get switched out for new ones every seven years or so? Does anything remain with you throughout your entire life?
    Guy Eats A 153YearOld Cracker From A Civil War Military
    Video   /  
    "Here is the oldest thing I've ever eaten - American Civil War Hardtack from 1863 - making it a 153 year old cracker"
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