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    A Bunch of Cats Licking a Giant Ball of Ice
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    10 Cats to Enjoy Ice Ball
    Simon s Cat Desperately Tries to Hide While the Room Is Being Watched Through a 360
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    "Watch our brand new 360 degree video! Drag your mouse or tilt your phone to explore the room. Can you count how many times you can see a sneaky Simon's Cat? "
    Crumpler Vis Vis Clear Rolling Suitcase
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    Australian luggage company Crumpler has introduced the Vis-à-Vis clear rolling suitcase. The clear polycarbonate trunk is 46.5cm x 68cm x 25cm and sells for AU$745.00. It is made...
    So Uh What s The Best Pooping Position
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    Everybody poops ... but is it possible that you're pooping all wrong? Learn the science behind the greatest debate of our time: squat vs. sit!
    Jeffrey Reuniting With His Mother After 10 Years
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    Jeffrey’s wife Shannon says, “Jeffrey’s brother surprised him today by flying in from Florida to meet Christian and I. Jeff’s mom came all the way from Libreville,...
    Samsung Galaxy Note 7
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    Samsung just introduced its newest Galaxy Note, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The phone will feature both a fingerprint scanner and iris scanning for added security with their Samsung Knox...
    An Honest Trailer for Watchmen
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    Honest Trailers takes an honest look back at director Zack Snyder's 2009 movie adaptation of the 1980s DC Comics comic book series, Watchmen."Before Zack Snyder turned Batman v....
    Taurus 2x2 Adventure Motorcycle
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    With massive off-road tires, it's designed to transport people quickly and easily over rough terrain. The Taurus was developed in Russia, a country synonymous with some of the most...
    Animal Expert Coyote Peterson Meets Adorable Baby
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    While visiting the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary in Dominical, Costa Rica, animal expert and host of the "Breaking Trail" nature web series, Coyote Peterson, hangs out with a...
    Vin Diesel Plays Dungeons  Dragons in D Diesel
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    "Join Vin Diesel as he sits down with Geek and Sundry and Nerdist for a game of Dungeons and Dragons! "
    Man Shaves Beard Off After 14 Years Causing His Family To React in
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    Man Stuns Family By Shaving Off His Beard After 14 Years
    Unlimited Corridor
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    Enables people in a virtual world to believe they are walking a straight line.
    If Birth Control Commercials Were Honest
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    When are guys going to have to start enduring the rigors of birth control?
    Woman vs Man selling a diamond ring in NYC
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    Jacob visits 12 locations to sell a two-carat diamond ring. Two weeks later, Rebecca tries to sell the same ring to the same locations.
    Blue Whale Swimming Under Boat
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    A group of boaters had the thrill of a lifetime while whale and nature watching. A giant whale breached right next to the rig, nearly hitting their boat.
    Kids React to Tasting Chicken Feet for the First
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    Kids Vs. Food - Chicken Feet
    Jared Leto Gives Jimmy Fallon a Gift From The
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    Jared Leto surprises Jimmy with a very Joker-like gift in honor of his film Suicide Squad.
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