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    LEGO Drone Kits That Actually Fly
    Toy   /  
    These are the LEGO UAV kits available from Flybrix. The basic $149 kit includes all the pieces you need to make a flying LEGO quad, hexa or octocopter. The copter can be controlled by a...
    Man Performs Mesmerizing Snake Hand Puppetry LipSync to Trust In Me from Disney s The Jungle
    Video   /  
    Los Angeles-based comedian and musician Mike Phirman uses his hands to perform an amazing snake lip-sync cover of Sterling Holloway's rendition of "Trust In Me" from Disney's...
    Cicret Bracelet DEBUNK
    Video   /  
    Captain Disillusion
    MC Hammer s U Can t Touch This Without the
    Video   /  
    Here's the original "U Can't Touch This" music video for comparison:
    2016 President Obama Chats with 2009 President
    Video   /  
    The Tonight Show got 2016 Obama to sit down with 2009 Obama to see how much he's changed.
    Loki Portable Camping Stove
    Outdoor   /  
    Famous German manufacturer Petromax have introduced a portable camping stove. The Loki Camping Stove and Tent Oven($269) is designed for carrying around, it can be folded up slim and...
    The Amazing Domino Race
    Video   /  
    For her latest domino project, domino artist Lily Hevesh (aka Hevesh5) used approximately 3,000 dominoes to create a race between five different colored domino paths.
    Adam Ruins Everything Building a Border Wall Makes No
    Video   /  
    Adam Ruins Everything, Adam takes a look at some of the major flaws in Donald Trump's proposed plan to build a Mexican border wall.
    The Bug Vacuum
    Gadget   /  
    The Bug Vacuum is a rechargeable, handheld vacuum with an LED for efficient night operation, and a see-through compartment that stores your unwanted visitors until you can release them...
    The Present A Touching Animated Short Film About a Boy and His New
    Video   /  
    “The Present” is a graduation short from the Institute of Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Postproduction at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in Ludwigsburg, Germany.
    Austrian Orchestra Performs With Vegetable
    Video   /  
    In Vienna, Austria, there is an orchestra that performs with instruments made from vegetables. For the past 18 years, these musicians have been purchasing produce from a local market,...
    Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis Hillary
    Video   /  
    „Episode 20: Hillary Clinton sits down with Zach Galifianakis for her most memorable interview yet.“
    Professional jet skier Mark Gomez inside a TRex
    Video   /  
    A T-Rex Dinosaur hits the lake on a Jet Ski it’s a show.
    Hottest Chip In The World Is Sold In Coffin Shaped
    Gadget   /  
    The Carolina Reaper Madness chip is sold individually. Yes, we mean that you can buy one single chip, which comes packed in a sealed pouch, which itself is carried inside a coffin-shaped...
    The Truth About Steve from Stranger Things and JeanRalphio from Parks and
    Video   /  
    Ben Schwartz, who played Jean-Ralphio Saperstein in "Parks and Recreation" and Joe Keery, who plays Steve Harrington in "Stranger Things" sit down with Entertainment...
    Adorable 6YearOld Indian Chef Cooks With Ellen
    Video   /  
    Kicha came all the way from India to share his delicious recipe with Ellen! Watch and learn, people!
    Breaking Bad An Episode Of Reactions
    Video   /  
    Evan Puschak (aka The Nerdwriter) takes a closer look a the hidden meanings and references in the "Ozymandias" episode (episode 14 of season 5) of Vince Gilligan's AMC drama...
    The Best Fails of the Week 460752485699991665
    Video   /  
    Fail Army presents a roundup of the funniest fail videos that hit the Internet during the third week of September 2016.
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