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    Here  s the First Trailer For Netflix  s French Political Drama
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    Robert Taro has been the mayor of Marseille for 25 years. Now he faces a merciless election against his young, ambitious former protégé. Seemingly a mixture of House of...
    The Making of Gold Leaf
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    " In this episode we introduce gold leaf. In order to make the gold leaf easy to stretch, silver and copper is mixed with gold by melting it at 1,300 degrees Celsius. After the gold...
    The History of Emojis
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    This week, Emily asks, "Where did emojis come from?"
    The Evolution of SpiderMan in Movies
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    Here is our amazing in depth evolution of Spider-Man in movies.
    John Oliver on Congressional Fundraising
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    "Lawmakers have to raise money to keep their jobs, but a surprising amount of their job now consists of raising money. John Oliver sits down with Congressman Steve Israel to discuss...
    Your Ankels May Hurt Watching This
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    "There can only be one Homoki. Take a look behind the scenes and check out each bone-jarring, joint-jolting drop from his Dekline video part. "
    Daniel Radcliffe Debuts Trailer For Controversial Film Swiss Army
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    Here's the first look at Swiss Army Man, an upcoming, bizarrely original comedy-drama starring Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano. The film comes to theaters on June 17th, 2016."Hank, a...
    A Bridge Is Imploded In Slow Motion
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    "Demolition specialists use 600 pounds of explosives to implode the old US-377/SH-99 Washita River Bridge. Damaged by flooding, the former bridge was removed to make way for a new...
    Monster Strike Locker Room Ft Andy Samberg
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    Ad campaign for mobile game Monster Strike. What does it take to bring the world back together? A fire-breathing dragon. A disgusting squid. A beefed-up battle-frog. And a coach who's...
    Drifting A Ferrari F40 In The Snow
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    Who says you can't drive your supercar in rugged winter conditions? A specially modified Ferrari F40 charges up the snowy slopes, sliding sideways all the way to base camp in this short...
    Musical Highway
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    Road contractors engineered an ingenious and melodic way to encourage drivers to obey the speed limit.
    A Suit Duvet Mashup For Sleeping Anywhere
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    This is the Suvet, a suit/duvet hybrid designed by UK based Jurys Inn Hotel Group to encourage folks "to reclaim their lost sleep by wearing nap-enhancing clothing." ritish...
    A Metal Tribute to iPhone Ringtones
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    A Metal Tribute to iPhone Ringtones
    Puppies Predict the 2016 Final Four Championship
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    Jimmy welcomes back his panel of puppies to predict the results of the upcoming NCAA Championship between Final Four contenders Villanova Wildcats, Oklahoma Sooners, North Carolina Tar...
    Artist Creates Amazing and Creepy Illusions on His
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    20 Amazing Illusions on hand.
    Saturday Night Live Defending Donald Trump
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    Scottie Nell Hughes (Cecily Strong) appears on CNN's At This Hour to defend Donald Trump's (Darrell Hammond) negative comments about women to CNN's Kate Bolduan (Kate McKinnon).
    Saturday Night Live  Game of Thrones Sneak Peek
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    Peter Dinklage and Emilia Clarke (Kate McKinnon) take viewers behind the scenes on Game of Thrones' sixth season.
    Watch A Candy Maker Turn A Solid Slab Of Honey Into A Treat With 16 384
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    The making of this Korean Royal treat is done with a song to not only entertain potential customers but also to explain how the strands multiply. To the common eye they magically multiply...
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