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    Directed by Justin Yngelmo and Freddie Wong.
    Cat Shoes by Kobi Levi
    Tel Aviv-based designer Kobi Levi has designed these shoes, called “Miao”($2100!), this pair of pumps look just like a kitty stretching. Cool!
    "This design captures the grace and elegance in a cat's movement while stretching its limbs. Many actually see it as a dog. Either way, it seems so alive you expect it to jump in a giant leap."
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    54 JOKES! In Four Minutes!
    Watch the video of climbing to the top of a 1700 foot tall tower to change a light bulb.
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    Melting Watch
    Inspired by Salvador Dali’s classic The Persistence of Memory. The Melting Watch($30) looks like it's melting right off your wrist. Cool watch. Features:
    - Chrome Analog Watch
    - Quartz Precision Movement

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    Yellow Jacket iPhone Stun Gun Case
    The Yellow Jacket iPhone case($150) houses a 650k volt stun gun and capable of charging your phone battery. The Yellow Jacket case is a 650,000-volt stun gun that you can activate by pressing a button on the side of the case.
    In this Nature Video, we see how researchers at the UK's Royal Veterinary College put data loggers on ibises to record their position, speed and wing flaps when they migrated. The ibises position themselves within the V so that they benefit from the flow of air created by the bird in front. They carefully time their wing flaps with their flock mates', to get an extra lift when flying high.
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    Facebook Like Shot Glasses
    Facebook Like Shot Glasses, at $9 for a pair.
    "Full Glass? Thumbs Up! Knock it back, flip the glass, and you get a decidedly less enthusiastic Thumbs Down. "
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    During the 1920s, cinematographer Claude Friese-Greene travelled across the UK with his new colour film camera. His trip ended in London, with some of his most stunning images, and these were recently revived and restored by the BFI.
    Amazing sushiroll art by Takayo Kiyota

    Amazing sushiroll art by Takayo Kiyota
    Takayo Kiyota is a Japanese chef who specializes in makizushi art: artistic sushi-rolls that use cunningly arranged food to create illustrations in the rolls' cross-sections. Her work is improbably amazing. She's even done a sushi dick pic, complete with pubes [NSFW].
    Based in Tokyo, Takayo Kiyota is a self-proclaimed illustrator and makizushi artist who goes by the name Tama-chan. What exactly is a makizushi artist, you might wonder? Well have a look below. Tama-chan lays her ingredients just so, visualizing in her head how the cross-section – her creation – will look once cut.
    “I never know what the inside looks like so I’m never sure if it will come out the way I imagined. And I can’t make edits once it’s done,” writes Tama-chan. “Facial expressions are especially difficult because small ingredients or overly exerted force when wrapping can completely throw things off. It’s always a special moment when I make the first incision to reveal the image.” *
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    Who wants to wait weeks for an infused cocktail when you can make your own in two minutes? Join Anthony and Tara as they booze it up with nitrous oxide, AKA laughing gas.
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