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    The Kids From Stranger Things Perform Uptown Funk at the 2016 Emmy
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    Jimmy wanted to give the audience a special treat before the Emmys so he asked the kids from the Netflix show "Stranger Things" to perform. Here's Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten...
    Hackers demonstrate wireless attack a moving Tesla Model
    Video   /  
    A team of researchers from China's Keen Security Lab were able to remotely hack into a Tesla Model S. By connecting the car to a malicious WiFi hotspot, the Keen team was able to access...
    A Spadle Is A Spoon And Ladle In One
    Gadget   /  
    Meet the Spadle by Dreamfarm. It’s a spatula and a ladle in one. This device easily converts between a versatile cooking spoon with a silicone tip, to be used with shallow pans,...
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    Dog is the Worst at Playing Hide and Seek
    Video   /  
    Rhis adorably confused dog, named Niko, may be the worst hide and seek player of all time.
    Olympian Sacrifices Chance To Win Race To Help His
    Video   /  
    Alistair Brownlee helps his brother over the finish line, Triathlon World Series in Cozumel
    The Ultimate Soccer and Football Fails
    Video   /  
    Fail Army presents a collection of the Internet's best and funniest football (soccer), American football, and rugby fail videos.
    Everything Wrong With Shrek
    Video   /  
    Cinema Sins' Jeremy Scott, thoroughly picks apart every flaw in DreamWorks' beloved 2001 animated comedy film, Shrek.
    Celebrities Reveal Their GoTo Karaoke Song
    Video   /  
    Vanity Fair asked Hollywood celebrities, including Emma Stone, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Natalie Portman, Ryan Gosling, and many more, to reveal their favorite songs to sing karaoke to.
    How the Mona Lisa Became So Famous
    Video   /  
    It's not just the smile. There are a few real reasons Mona is so famous. Vox's Phil Edwards looked into it...
    Australian Man Invents Hamdog BurgerHotdog
    Video   /  
    Mark Murray from Perth, Australia is selling his patented "hamdog" food monstrosity, a combination of a hamburger and hotdog in one bun.
    Russian Ekranoplan
    Video   /  
    Larger than a jumbo jet and lifts more than 1000 tons.
    Passengers Official Trailer
    Film   /  
    Here's the first look at Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in Passengers, an upcoming 2016 romantic science fiction adventure film, which also stars Michael Sheen, Andy Garcia, and...
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    3 Sushi Vs 250 Sushi
    Video   /  
    “This is closest to a mouthgasm I have ever achieved.”
    A Blind Horse and His Best Friend
    Video   /  
    When Roderick Olsen's horse Zaxson went blind, he did not cast the animal aside. Instead, he embraced Zaxson, taking him for walks in the woods and acting as his eyes. Since then, the two...
    Barkos A DogThemed Parody of the Narcos Intro
    Video   /  
    Jeremy Leaird-Koch created this amusing pooch parody of the opening sequence for Narcos, the original Netflix series about notorious Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar."The Netflix...
    An Oddly Satisfying Compilation of Objects
    Video   /  
    Macro Room put together this satisfying clip compilation of some of the many items, inclding a clock, toothbrush, rubber ducky, and many more.
    Japanese Ping Pong Players Perform MindBlowing and Hilarious Trick
    Video   /  
    Takkyuu Geinin put together this hilarious compilation of Japanese ping pong players performing incredibly difficult and creative trick shots. Cool
    Molten Copper Vs Coconut
    Video   /  
    "This time i took out the coconut milk and i also poured in more molten copper inside the coco. "
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