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    Beer Chase
    Video   /  
    Funny advertisement for Carlton Draught, an Australian beer.
    Calanques De Marseille
    Video   /  
    A calanque is a narrow, steep-walled inlet that is developed in limestone, dolomite, or other carbonate strata and found along the Mediterranean coast. This film features the beautiful...
    Roadworthy Toy Car Can Reach 70mph
    Video   /  
    A roadworthy version of a children's toy car has been built. John Bitmead from the UK constructed an adult-sized copy of a Little Tikes toy car, which takes petrol, has a tax disc, and...
    Kodak Ektra
    Gadget   /  
    Kodak has unveiled a brand new smartphone called the Ektra. It is a smart phone aimed at photographers. It runs on Android and features a 21 megapixel fast focus camera with a f2.0...
    Working With Jigsaw
    Video   /  
    Cool sketch by Chris Capel.
    Pumpkin Dance 2016
    Video   /  
    Dancer and celebrity cosplayer D Piddy celebrates the tenth anniversary of KXVO News' classic Pumpkin Dance video by dressing up as the pumpkin head guy and performing his sweet dance...
    Cutting String with your Hands
    Video   /  
    With the right tension, and the right distance of "travel" it doesn't even hurt your hand...much...
    President Obama Reads Mean Tweets About Himself
    Video   /  
    President Barack Obama is back for a second presidential edition (watch part one) of Jimmy Kimmel's popular "Mean Tweets" segment, where he asks famous people to read some of...
    Watch Westworld Episode 5 Trailer  Contrapasso
    Video   /  
    Get a sneak peek at”Contrapasso” after the jump, alongside some more information on next week’s episode.Westworld Episode 5 is titled "Contrapasso," which is...
    The nbsp Cobalt ValkyrieX Rose Gold Private
    Gadget   /  
    It’s one of the fastest piston aircraft in the world, part of the annual Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts Christmas Book, now in its 90th year. This rose gold Cobalt Valkyrie-X private...
    A Bizarre Parody of the Final Doctor Strange
    Video   /  
    For the latest edition of his "Weird Trailers" series, Italian VFX artist Aldo Jones added a bunch of ridiculous sound and visual effects to the final trailer for the upcoming...
    If The Meat Industry Was Honest
    Video   /  
    In the latest edition of "Honest Ads" series, Roger Horton from Horton Farms reveals some disturbing truths about the U.S. meat industry.
    John Oliver on Opioids
    Video   /  
    In this clip from last night's episode of HBO's Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver takes a look at the growing epidemic of opioid addiction across the United States.
    How to Make Miniature Edible Cheeseburgers
    Video   /  
    In the latest episode of their miniaturized cooking series, Japanese YouTube channel, Miniature Space, uses tiny cooking equipment to meticulously demonstrate how to make tasty-looking,...
    Animated Map of Unemployment
    Video   /  
    An animated map of unemployment in the us from 1990 until today.
    Transformable Table
    Furniture   /  
    Boulon Blanc created the perfect table for small NYC apartments: It easily goes from coffee table to working or dining table in one easy move. Available on Kickstarter.
    Yuni Kim Lang
    Projects   /  
    Yuni Kim Lang‘s hair piece made me look. Beautiful!
    Windsurfing in Extreme Hurricane Conditions
    Video   /  
    "The toughest windusrfing contest in the world, Red Bull Storm Chase, is back for 2017! Eight of the world's top windsurfers will be pitted against windspeeds up to Force 10...
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