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    A couple breaks up with each other via the use of 154 movie titles.
    Yoder Frontiersman Smoker
    Yoder Smokers, Australia’s premier leader for smoker, has released an absolute monster of a grill – the Frontiersman. It weighs nealy a ton, literally, and can feed a small village in one cookout.
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    Today a brand new trailer for the fourth season of Game of Thrones!
    Here are some great marriage proposals in sports. Cool
    Wellograph Watch
    The Wellograph Watch($320) is a fitness watch features a low-power LCD, the watch monitors your calories consumed, weekly fitness level, heart rate, steps and other stats. Syncing wirelessly over Bluetooth, the watch feeds data to the Wellograph app available for both iOS and Android. The watch is crafted out of stainless steel with sapphire crystal and comes with a choice of genuine leather or NATO straps.
    Flappy Bird the MMO
    A new variation on the Flappy Bird is FlapMMo, a massively multiplayer version of Flappy Bird with hundreds of other people - against other live players.  You can play the game here(jump is space key).
    iPhone 5 5S Case Made from Real Chocolate
    They are made by two Portland-based companies. Chocolate maker Woodblock Chocolate teamed up Apple accessory maker Grove to create a delicious if not slightly impractical iPhone 5 case out of solid chocolate. The case was precision milled out of a dark chocolate then hand sanded for a sleek finish.
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    The Olympic Sport of Cat Curling

    The 2006 USA Cat Curling team square off.
    The New York Subway 1981

    The New York Subway 1981
    1981, 22-year-old Florida photographer named Christopher Morris spent 6 months documenting the plight of New York City’s subway system. Time writes:
    "New York was a very different place in the 1980s. Throughout America, and the world, it had a reputation for being a crime-riddled, dirty metropolis – one much changed from its bustling, mid-twentieth century prime. And nowhere was this more evident than on the city’s subway trains and platforms. Once the pride of Manhattan and the boroughs, the network had become a virtual no-go area both at night and during the day. Indeed, even a cursory glance at crime statistics shows us that in 1985 there were approximately 14,000 underground felonies – a far cry from today’s approximate 2,000. " More images jump more.
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    A 14 000 Zombie Apocalypse Survival Cabinet
    The Wolfram cabinet comes full of all the stuff that you’ll need to survive and function; everything from food to camping supplies to medical supplies to tools and weapon (full inventory list here, the images after more).  You get over 170 items in the $14,500 kit, the steel-walled cabinet measures 43” (W) x 65” (H) x 18” (D) . 
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