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    Buster the Boxer  John Lewis 2016 Christmas
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    It's not officially the holiday season until U.K. department store John Lewis releases their annual Christmas short film advert. In this year's ad, a little girl named Bridget discovers...
    Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Teaser
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    Here's the first look at Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Luc Besson's upcoming 2017 science fiction film based on the French science fiction comics series Valérian and...
    BASEUS Stylish Grain Design iPhone 7 Case
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    Give your iPhone 7 a stylish and efficient protection in the form of this BASEUS Stylish Grain Design iPhone 7 Case($16). This is a fashionable design with a grain texture that adds an...
    28 Things You Didn t Know about the Beatles
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    This week, John tells you all about The Beatles!
    23Foot Tall Godzilla Made From Straw
    Other   /  
    This is the 7-meter (~23 feet) tall Godzilla built out of straw in Japan to celebrate the fall harvest. To make the fall harvest, over 150 volunteers built this rice straw Godzilla. From...
    Catherine Deneuve in Official Trailer for The Brand New
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    Music Box has debuted a new trailer for the film The Brand New Testament from Belgium, directed by filmmaker Jaco Van Dormael who last made Mr. Nobody. His new film is religious parody...
    How to Make a Narcos Couch Cake
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    Netflix enlisted Brooklyn-based baker Ashley Holt to create a cake version of the money stuffed couch from Narcos, the original Netflix series based on notorious Colombian drug kingpin...
    Cat Plays WhackaFinger
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    "Best way to wake a cat up! Be careful though as your fingers may suffer! Wiske loves this game."
    Stephen Colbert Tries to Make Sense of the 2016
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    During last night's airing of The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert took a moment to speak candidly about the current state of politics in the United States.
    The World s Smallest Bowl of Ramen
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    In the latest episode of his miniaturized cooking series, "Walking With Giants," artist Jay Baron prepares a tiny, tasty-looking bowl of ramen, entirely from scratch.
    Inventor Mark Rober Builds the Ultimate Paint Gun
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    Inventor and former NASA engineer Mark Rober challenges his niece and nephews to a messy war with custom-made paint-shooting guns, then enlists eccentric British inventor Colin Furze to...
    Ellen DeGeneres Funniest Election Moments
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    Ellen took a look back at some of the moments from her show that have made the presidential election even more memorable.
    The Best Cosplay From BlizzCon 2016
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    "Blizzcon 2016, showing off some of the most epic, clever and gigantic cosplays of the convention scene so of course we couldn't resist grabbing our camera and try to show off all...
    How to Survive in Australia
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    Adelaide, Australia-based stand-up comedian Alex Williamson offers a few tips on how to keep yourself alive while exploring the tough wilderness of Australia.
    Conan O Brien on the 2016 US Election Results
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    In this clip from tonight's episode of Conan, host Conan O'Brien shares his thoughts on the outcome of last night's 2016 U.S. presidential election, and receives a visit from a special...
    Watch the Flying Frenchies Surf and BASE Jump From a Zipline Between Two
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    The latest video from this multi-talented collective sees them head to the Vercors mountain range in their homeland, where they slice through the air on a 600m-high highline, reaching...
    Why Chicken Sandwiches Don t Cost 1500
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    Why Chicken Sandwiches Don't Cost $1500
    Born to Fly Baby A CarryOn Suitcase With An Integrated Baby
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    This is the Born To Fly suitcase. It's a $380 carry-on suitcase with an integrated baby stroller. That way you don't have to pack your kid IN your suitcase like you normally would. Globe...
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