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    In 1983 Atari allegedly dumped millions of unsold E.T. game cartridges in a Alamogordo, New Mexico landfill after deeming them unsellable because the game sucked so hard. And now that rumor seems to be true, as excavators have just uncovered hundreds of the game while searching the landfill. And the game's designer Howard Scott Warshaw, now a psychotherapist, was on hand.
    "I've been carrying this thing, the theoretically worst video game of all time, for 30 years now," Warshaw said. "It was a game that was done in five weeks. It was a very brief development. I did the best that I could, and that's OK."
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    Elephant Slide
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    Elephant Slide
    The Stereotype Map Of Every US State According To British
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    The Stereotype Map Of Every U.S. State — According To British People.
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    Leica T Camera
    The new Leica T Camera($3600+) has a huge 3.7-inch touchscreen, which sports a 16 megapixel APS-C sensor and a brand new "T" mount for lenses. It has Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity. It shoots 1920 x 1080 video at 30 fps.
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    This week, Josh Sundquist tells us about people who are missing body parts in honor of April being National Amputee Awareness Month!
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    Meskel Square is the nerve center of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. It is often the site chosen by Ethiopians for festivals and celebrations but it is also is a chaotic crossroad.
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    SCUBA Diver Jason Neilus gets up close and personal with friendly seals in the Farne Islands, UK. Cute.
    Fingerprint Wedding Rings
    Fingerprint Wedding Rings by etsy seller AdziasJewelryAtelier. Simply make a copy of your prints using ink on paper, scan them, and send them off to Adzias Jewelry Atelier, who will take care of the rest. The made-to-order fingerprint rings are priced at $1,480.
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    Meet Boomer, a new robot dinosaur. The adorable Tyrannosaurus Rex was created by toy inventor Never Ben and his team, and though Boomer is just a prototype, he can already sit and speak on command, and react to "food" by chomping down. The rumours are, actually, that it’ll cost $100 and be available in the fall.
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    Korner is a cheap and super simple alarm home security system.  It consists of small motion-detecting tags that attach to the corner of your door or windows, and a wireless dongle that you plug into the ethernet port on your router. If one of the tags detects movement that it associates with the window being opened, it’ll send a signal to the dongle, which will then notify you on your smartphone. Using that app, the user can then contact the police, or forward the alert to someone else who can look in on their place. The app also lets them turn the system on and off manually, or set it to a program. They're currently raising production funds for Korner, on Indiegogo, $89 pledge will get you a set with three of these, and one fob.
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    East Lothian has some of the most stunning beaches and beautiful scenery in Scotland. In celebration of the long-awaited beautiful summer, Walid wanted to capture and share some of his favourite coastal spots in East Lothian, as well as some of the hidden treasures that are on offer in Scotland’s south east. He particularly loves the expanse of Ravensheugh Beach, the nature reserve at Aberlady, Dunbar harbour, and the buzz of North Berwick. In addition, this film includes footage of Peebles, Cramond Island at sunset, views from North Queensferry and his all-time favourite – the ruins of St Antony’s Chapel at Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh.
    Benches by Mia Cullin
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    This bench with adjustable seat by Swedish architect and designer Mia Cullin caught my eyes. The furniture is made entirely from ash wood, without the use of any screws or metal fittings.
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    Four Seasons Private Jet Around The World Tour
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    Four Seasons have announced their new ultra luxurious private jet. A 24-day trip around the world will cost $119,000 per person. Their own Boeing 757 jet will take 52 guests around the world  in February 2015, starting with a nine-destination, 24-day trip that begins in Los Angeles and includes stops in Bora Bora, Thailand, India and Turkey as it makes its way to London. Guests will stay at Four Season hotels at each stop.
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