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    We have reported the Sada Bike before, today we added a video of it. The Sada Bike is a bicycle that can fold down to the size of an umbrella.
    "The wheels have no spokes, the system folds with a single movement, the packaging container can also be used as a backpack... It uses a system anchoring the wheels using smaller wheels held by a small frame and a specific quick clamping device. They allow you to fold the bike quickly and easily, using its special package like a trendy backpack."
    Heads by Artists Edwige Massart and Xavier Wynn
    "Heads" is a series of sculptural portraits inspired by medical imagery and created using found objects and recycled material, created by artists Edwige Massart and Xavier Wynn of art duo EMnXW .
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    World s heaviest dinosaur bones discovered in
    News   /   Comments

    Palaeontologists in Argentina believe they have found bones belonging to the heaviest dinosaur to ever have walked the Earth - which had an estimated body mass of 77 tonnes. Based on its huge thigh bones, it was 40m (130ft) long and 20m (65ft) tall. Weighing in at 77 tonnes, it was as heavy as 14 African elephants, and seven tonnes heavier than the previous record holder, Argentinosaurus. Scientists believe it is a new species of titanosaur - an enormous herbivore dating from the Late Cretaceous period.
    Video   /   Comments
    "Interstellar chronicles the adventures of a group of explorers who make use of a newly discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations on human space travel and conquer the vast distances involved in an interstellar voyage."
    Video   /   Comments
    Shot by California filmmaker Gary Yost.
    "Shot from near Point Bonita Lighthouse, Wednesday May 14, 2014, approx 1.5 miles from the GG Bridge. Moonrise 8:23pm. Sped up 10x."
    HTC One mini 2
    Phone   /   Comments
    HTC has announced its new phone, the One Mini 2, a cheaper and more compact model of its flagship HTC One M8. His new version has a 4.5" HD display, bigger than most smaller phones. The phone has a curved aluminum finish, and features a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, 2100mAh battery, and a 13 megapixel camera. The HTC One Mini 2 will be available in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa from June, though a price has yet to be announced. It's available in grey, silver, and gold.
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    Video   /   Comments
    Victor Caire's first 3D Animated short film, the animation animation features two elephant seals who are annoyed by a buzzing buzzard.
    THe Survival Capsule
    Other   /   Comments
    After the devastating 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, Julian Sharpe started thinking about ways to help people survive similar disasters. As CEO of a Seattle aerospace engineering consultancy, he started applying the same principals from his day job to a personal safety system designed to keep people safe during a tsunami.
    survivalcapsule212But those ideas remained just that — ideas — until March 2011, when another mother nature caused havoc again, this time in Japan.
    Fast forward two years later, and Sharpe has come a long way. He’s led development on something called the Survival Capsule, a sphere-like tethered ball that can ride on the surface of water and keep people protected from water, fire and debris for days.
    "Using a PSS, as opposed to a municipal safety system like a safe house, allows individual groups and families to be more in control of their survival in an emergency situation. The capsule is also a variable disaster solution, which means it can vary position according to the water depth, so it will never be inundated by water levels rising too high. It also provides warmth, safety, and shelter during the initial post-disaster period before rescue crews and relief workers have arrived on the scene.
    Built with strength and survivability in mind, by a team of experienced aerospace engineers, the survival capsule will operate safely and efficiently in the harsh circumstances and environments to which a natural disaster would expose it. The sphere will withstand the initial impact of a natural disaster, as well as sharp object penetration, heat exposure, blunt object impact, and rapid deceleration.
    We’ve designed the capsule to be mounted inside or outside the home or business establishment. The capsules come in various sizes ranging from two-person capacity all the way up to a ten-person capacity. The smaller capsules are suitable for private dwellings and family homes. The larger capsules are designed for municipal buildings, businesses, hospitals, airports, schools and general public safe havens
    Standard Features
    Safety Seating with Four-Point Harness Straps
    Storage Space (sufficient for five day’s supply per person)
    Multiple Counter Sunk Hoisting Points
    Water Storage (bladder or tank)
    Basic Internal Light
    GPS (Global Positioning System)
    Air Ventilation Vents
    Capsule Storage Stand
    Basic, High-Visibility Unit Color
    Air Supply Tanks (one for each occupant)
    Hard Restraint Support
    Solid, Watertight Marine Door (opens from inside and outside)
    Marine Standard Window"
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    BatmanThemed Hotel Room is Awesome
    Other   /   Comments
    This is a Batman-themed hotel room at the Eden Motel, which is located in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, and it’s filled with furnishings bearing the Dark Knight’s insignia and signature colors. Featuring includes a framed poster of Batman hangs on one of the walls, while the bed, headboard, side tables, chairs, and mirrors all bear the bat symbol. The best part? It only costs $50 a night to book this room.
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    DIY   /   Comments
    These 12-inch steel blades are fully automatic: they can deploy or retract with the push of a button.
    "The first ever fully automatic wolverine claws that deploy AND retact automaticlly. These beautiful 12-inch stainless steel claws fire out at the touch of a button and bring me as close as anyone has to feeling like they have adamantium claws. I think these are best on the net so hope you like em." Cool!
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    This is a joke! Re Made does not exist. It's an elaborate lampoon of Best Made, a company that makes ridiculously expensive tools, most famously axes. Re Made's website, you may notice, is almost a clone of Best Made's.
    Prof. Rebekah Mondrak of the University of Michigan created this satire. In an interview, she explained how her project explores a popular desire for authenticity--one that, it turns out, is often fake:
    I was introduced to Best Made Co. (BMC) by The New York Times in their puzzling 2010 article about founder Peter Buchanan-Smith and his urban axe. The gist of the story was that BMC purchases the axes from another company, and then sands, brands, paints, and resells them for between $162 and $350. The Times described the axes as “useful, manly objects.” They also noted that celebrity executives were purchasing them, and that art galleries had been exhibiting them. So they gave a wide berth for these axes to exist in this incredibly free-floating space — luxury item, useful tool, sophisticated design, New York City-styled, outdoorsy, artisanal movement, art object — without noting any of the contradictions in these terms.
    Here we were, just coming out of what they’re now calling the Great Recession, and the Times features an article about a tool symbolizing work, real work. Manual labor. For sale in the Prada “gallery” for $350. And all the symbolic properties of this tool are not lost on Best Made – they’re selling the mythical blue-collar working man identity with every axe. Yet there’s not one word in the article about how bizarre this is… Unintentionally, the article reads like parody...
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    McWhinney Active Wedding Rings
    Wear your wedding ring like a watch. McWhinney's wedding rings have a unique hinged mechanism that’s similar to the one on watch straps. That way, the rings are easy to remove when you’re about to play some sports, wash dishes, or do something where rings typically get in the way. Prices start at $825!
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