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    Virtual Black Friday
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    In the latest sketch from Above Average, a couple uses VR technology to enjoy the chaos and exhilaration of Black Friday shopping from the comfort of their home.
    Everything Wrong WIth Pocahontas In 11 Minutes Or
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    In the latest edition of his "Cinema Sins" series, cynical film critic Jeremy Scott thoroughly picks apart every flaw in Disney's classic 1995 animated film, Pocahontas.
    How to Create a Candy Thanksgiving Dinner
    Video   /  
    Vat19 celebrates Thanksgiving by making a Thanksgiving feast entirely out of candy, including chocolate chip cookie stuffing, pumpkin pie soda, green jelly bean casserole, gravy bubbles,...
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    Dude Perfect s Best Flip Tricks
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    In their latest video, the members of the Dallas, Texas-based trick shot team, Dude Perfect, perform a collection of ridiculous flip tricks using dozens of everyday objects.
    Ozzy Man Commentates on Irish Bouncer vs
    Video   /  
    Australian comedian and film critic "Ozzy Man Reviews" adds amusing commentary to a viral video of a brutal boxing match between a Jedi-esque bouncer and a couple of drunk...
    Watch the Earth from the ISS observatory in a 4K 360
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    The Russian cosmonaut shows us what it's like to hang around the space station's observational dome, thanks to a new 360 degree, 4K video from Russia's RT News.
    Tesla selfdriving demo shows you what the car
    Video   /  
    Tesla has posted a demo video that shows what an autonomous EV sees as it navigates local roads. As the clip illustrates, the cameras and sensors have to detect many, many different...
    Irish People Taste Test Thanksgiving Food
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    Facts. enlisted a group of Irishmen and women to sample and share their thoughts on popular American Thanksgiving dishes, including scalloped potatos, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pecan...
    Pixar s Cars 3 Official Teaser Trailer
    Film   /  
    Here's the first look at Pixar's upcoming 2017 animated film, Cars 3, the third installment in the Cars film series. Cars 3 drives into theaters on June 16, 2017. "Blindsided by a...
    AirSelfie Takes the Selfie Game Airborne
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    The AirSelfie(on kickstarter) is a tiny drone designed specifically to take selfies. How? It’s small enough that it fits inside a cellphone case. This means that whenever the fancy...
    Watching Bears Scratch Themselves is Too Funny
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    Camera traps reveal how grizzly bears rub against trees to scratch those hard to reach places.
    Don t Flush Sodium Down The Toilet
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    "I teamed up with Cody, from Cody’s Lab, to experiment and see what would happen if Sodium Metal got flushed down the toilet. "
    Copypastry Turn Your Face Into A Cookie
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    Copypastry produces 3D printed custom-made cookie cutters that look exactly like your face. Have any silhouette, family portrait, logo or drawing printed and bake your heart out! Fun!
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    DoubleHanded Umbrella
    Design   /  
    Branch is a double-handed umbrella, that ensures couples guide their path together, and at the same pace.
    How to Make Colorful Fire Tornados
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    Science enthusiast, Kevin Kohler, aka "The Backyard Scientist," demonstrates a fairly simple technique for creating cool-looking, colorful fire tornados, without any moving...
    Saturday Night Live Thanksgiving Target
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    Target stores have everything you need for the Thanksgiving holiday, even a big, mostly empty parkling lot for you to just sit in if you need to avoid your family for a while.
    Donald Trump Prepares for the White House
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    In the cold open sketch from last night's episode of Saturday night Live, President-elect Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) starts to panic when asked about coming through on his campaign...
    SpongeBob SquarePants Sings System of a Down s Chop
    Video   /  
    This hilarious mashup by YouTube user Tocen perfectly syncs clips from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Band Geeks" and The Spongebob Squarepants Movie with System of a Down's...
    Every Easter Egg in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find
    Video   /  
    Sydney, Australia-based film enthusiast Mr. Sunday Movies takes a look at the many Easter eggs, hidden references, and links to the Harry Potter films in the just-released fantasy film,...
    The Smart Garden Helps You Easily Grow Fresh Food
    Projects   /  
    This is a new Smart Garden which created by Click & Grow. The latest smart food growing system to be added to their range takes the form of the Smart Garden 9, which the development...
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