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    Super Mario is destroying filmmaker Jhoofnail's house. [ Thanks tip ]
    "Ever wonder what your video games are doing when you’re not looking? No? Just me? oh…."
    Toilet Paper Embossed With 24 Carat Gold
    This is the $250/roll gold foil embossed toilet paper produced by German manufacturer Tissue Design.
    It isa real product! Each design is custom made by German Fritz Loibl for his company, Tissue Design in Grafenau, Germany. Once embossed, the roll is shipped to you, wherever you are.
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    Laser Engraved Rolling Pins
    These laser engraved rolling pins from Etsy seller ValekRollingPins. They’re able to laser engrave a standard 16.5″ beech rolling pin with the design of your choice. The pastries and pies that you make can then endlessly display your logo or message. Prices start at roughly $45.
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    Spiegelau Stout Glass
    Spiegelau Stout Glass accentuates the roasted malt, rich coffee and chocolate notes that define the stout beer style.
    "In collaboration with Left Hand Brewing Company and Rogue Ales, introducing the ultimate tool for the enjoyment of stout beer, the Spiegelau Stout Glass."
    In memory of the few memorable characters who won't be returning for Season 4 this Sunday night.
    There are roughly 80,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 unique ways to order 52 playing cards. “Any time you pick up a well shuffled deck, you are almost certainly holding an arrangement of cards that has never before existed and might not exist again.”
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    Verrado Electric Drift Trike
    The Verrado Electric Drift Trike($1,560) is an electric-powered drifting tricycle for adults. Local Motors’ engineers experimented with a hub motor and battery pack from one of Local Motors’ electric bicycle prototypes and produced the first iteration of an electric-powered drift trike. It combines a BMX fork with a 20” heavy duty front wheel featuring an aluminum casting around the brushless hub motors, two rear karting wheels lined with PVC pipe, a strong disc brake and a powerful programmable electric motor. With 3-hour charge, it will run for 45 minutes, or around 12 miles. The 5” steel rear wheels with 10” karting tires.
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    A C3PO Electric Guitar
    This fun C-3PO electric guitar was made by Etsy user Marc Potter using a C-3PO collectibles case.
    "Rainy Day Instruments presents …#063 C3PO electric Star Wars Guitar, Nice used Behringer maple neck securely attached to a Classic C3PO collectors case. Action figure case still can open and TALKS"
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    A heartwarming commercial for Thai Life Insurance…
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    Cheap Beer Map of the United States
    LiveScience posted an analysis of Twitter data of tweets sent between June 2012 and May 2013 to find out the beer preference of various states. The images shows what cheap beer is popular in different regions of the United States.
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    The Baby Avengers
    The Baby Avengers caricatures created by Ben Oliver. The Avengers look so cute when they’re babies! big pic!
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    Amazon Dash lets you refill your pantry using your voice and LEDs
    Amazon has unveiled a new gadget, the Amazon Dash stick for scaning, Dash has a built-in LED scanner and a voice recording function. The device itself connects up to one's home Wi-Fi network to enable the voice search and its put-items-on-list capabilities: You just have to talk, or point, your way to a brand-new shopping list. Unfortunately, since the device currently only works in conjunction with an AmazonFresh list, that does limit its usefulness a bit. Fresh is still very limited in availability with the service only available in parts of California and Washington.
    "Every member of the family can use Dash to easily add items to your AmazonFresh shopping list. Keep it on your kitchen counter or hang it on the refrigerator. Did your kids just eat the last of the cereal? Conveniently refill and restock your home's everyday essentials, and have fun doing it. Dash connects to your home Wi-Fi network and works directly with your AmazonFresh account. Say or scan items into your Dash, and then view the list on your desktop or mobile device to purchase and schedule delivery."
    The new British acrobatic group Circulus chose an abandoned Victorian sail factory in London’s East End. Their act combines acrobatics and dance into a mesmerizing circus performance! The talents each performer brings to the group include “tricking, hand-to-hand, free running, dancing, juggling, tumbling, aerial hoop, cyr wheel, banquine, breakdancing, hand balancing, trampoline and more.
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