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    A persecuted stray dog gets attached to a funny man in swimming trunks - literally attached.
    Can You Solve This Algebra Problem
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    A lot of people are arguing over the correct answer to this algebra problem involving horses, horseshoes, and boots. A Facebook post with this problem has over 500,000 comments. Can you...
    A New Type Of Product Packaging
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    Nonstick coatings leave zero waste behind
    Eddie Murphy Does a Perfect Tracy Morgan
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    While promoting his upcoming film, Mr. Chuch, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, actor and comedian Eddie Murphy gave host Jimmy Kimmel a sample of his flawless impersonation of fellow comedian and...
    10 More Amazing Bets You Will Always Win
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    Richard Wiseman is back with a new round of easy-to-perform bar bet tricks that are guaranteed to make fools of your friends and family.
    Action Movie Kid Time Bomb
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    Daniel Hashimoto, Daniel's 4-year-old son, James, (aka Action Movie Kid) plays a deadly version of the classic board game, Perfection.
    Amazing Triple Spiral Dominoes Structure
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    Domino artist Lily Hevesh (aka Hevesh5) spent 25 hours spread over 8 days building this massive triple spiral structure with 15,000 dominoes.
    How to Explore Singapore With a Baby
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    For his latest "How to Dad" tutorial video, New Zealander dad, Jordan Watson, and his adorable daughter demonstrate how to explore Singapore's best attractions while traveling...
    Free Fire Official Red Band Trailer
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    Here's the first uncensored look at Free Fire, an upcoming 2017 action thriller film starring Brie Larson, Armie Hammer, Sharlto Copley, Cillian Murphy, and Jack Reynor."Set in...
    Ozzy Man Reviews Apple s iPhone 7 Ads
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    Ozzy Man Reviews, adds hilarious and unfiltered commentary to Apple's advertisements for the upcoming iPhone 7.
    The Evolution of Bacteria on a MegaPlate Petri
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    Scientists have designed a simple way to observe how bacteria move as they become impervious to antibiotics. The experiments are thought to provide the first large-scale glimpse of the...
    Fastest Skateboarder Ever
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    89.41 mph/143.89 km/h - Kyle Wester
    First Look IPhone 7 Prank
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    We went out on the street and asked iPhone users if they wanted to try the new iPhone 7, which hasn’t even been released yet. Then we took their current iPhone, cleaned it, put it...
    The Best Fails of the Week 627895619455925313
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    Fail Army presents a roundup of the funniest fail videos that hit the Internet during the second week of September 2016.
    British Musicians Perform a Super Smooth Cover of Europe s Iconic Rock Anthem  The Final
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    British musical comedy duo Brett Domino and Steven Peavis perform a silky smooth rendition of Europe's electrifying 1986 hard rock anthem, "The Final Countdown."
    Join Dave Grohl and Pat Smear As They Visit LA  s Holiest David Bowie
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    If you’re one of the millions of people who’ve heard Nirvana’s cover of the David Bowie classic “The Man Who Sold the World” from their Unplugged album, you...
    An Honest Airline Commercial
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    In the latest sketch from Las Vegas-based comedian and YouTuber, Ryan Higa (aka Nigahiga), employees of EveRy Airlines come clean about the often awful experience of flying coach.
    Newscasters Make Same Apple Joke Over  Over
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    Jimmy Kimmel put together this amusing supercut of news anchors across the country making the same punny joke about the headphone jack disappearing from Apple's latest iPhone release.
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