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    Watch This Heartful Touchdown By Grant A Wish Kid
    Video   /  
    Tommy Douglas is granted his wish to score a touchdown for the Los Angeles Traffic
    Indoor Wingsuit Flying
    Video   /  
    This is a video of the proof of concept for the Inclined Indoor Wingsuit Flying facility opening in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2017. It's basically a wind tunnel that lets you fly with a...
    Happy Half Wine Glass A Wine Glass That s Perfectly Cut In
    Gadget   /  
    This is the Happy Half Wine Glass designed and sold by The Fowndry (~$12). It's an actual 200ml glass (not plastic) that looks like a wine glass cut perfectly in half. Cool
    Birthday Cake With 72 585 Burning Candles
    Video   /  
    This is a video of the Guinness World Record being set for a birthday cake with the most candles lit, with a staggering 72,585 (beating the previous record set by Mike's Hard Lemonade by...
    Washington State Ferry hits a boat near Vashon
    Video   /  
    The news reported that the boat captain was in the bathroom when the collision happened.
    Crazy Lake Experiment
    Video   /  
    1 tablespoon of olive oil destroys half an acre of waves on this lake.
    2016 Movie Trailer Mashup
    Video   /  
    "Sleepy Skunk" presents the 2016 edition of his annual mashup of the year's best movie trailers.
    Audi Layer Desktop Keyboard
    Design   /  
    Audi Layer Desktop Keyboard by industrial and product designer Jarim Koo. "Audi designs are about people’s daily lifestyles as well as automobiles. Personally, I found it...
    Japanese Man s Insane CoinStacking Skills
    Other   /  
    These are a bunch of the gravity-defying coin stacks constructed by Japanese Twitter user @thumb_tani. Wow!! Is balance a superpower? The things this guy does are next level. Especially...
    Zapatou s Best of the Web 2016
    Video   /  
    Montreal-based Luc Bergeron, aka "Zapatou," presents the 9th edition of his annual "Best of the Web" series, a mashup of the awesome, amazing, and funny viral videos...
    Stephen Colbert and Donald Trump Discuss Russia
    Video   /  
    In this exclusive fake interview, Stephen sits down with Donald Trump to talk Russia and the Electoral College.
    Fascinating Facts About Every Country in the World Part
    Video   /  
    Wendover Productions shares some litte-known facts and tidbits about the remaining 97 countries in part two of his "Every Country in the World" series Every Country in the World...
    Jimmy Kimmel s As Seen on TV Holiday Gift Guide
    Video   /  
    "Every year thousands of great, low-priced products are advertised on TV. To help you with your shopping, we whittled them down to the best of the best in our 5th annual As Seen On...
    The Best Instant Karma Fails of 2016
    Video   /  
    Fail Army presents a roundup of the best instant karma fail videos that hit the Internet in 2016.
    Golden Thrones The Guggenheim s Golden Toilet
    Video   /  
    "In this episode, we visit an actual Golden Throne. "America," by Maurizio Cattelan, is a fully functioning, 18k gold toilet on display at the Guggenheim Museum. "
    Can you power Your Home With A Bicycle
    Video   /  
    "After pedaling for hours, I discover there’s a difference between the power you use and the power your body can generate."
    Watch The Trailer for Doug Liman s Iraq War Sniper Thriller The
    Film   /  
    Amazon Studios & Roadside Attractions have released the first official trailer for an action thriller titled The Wall, directed by Doug Liman (known for The Bourne Identity, Go, Edge...
    The Unipiper Dresses as Darth Vader and Balances on Death Star While Playing His Flaming
    Video   /  
    Brian Kidd dressed as Darth Vader and balanced on top of a Death Star while playing his flaming bagpipes in Portland, Oregon.
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