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    The New MacBook Pro in 30 Seconds
    Video   /  
    Bobby Nicholas hilariously mocks the features of Apple's recently released 2016 version of their Macbook Pro laptop.
    Aira uses smart glasses to help blind people navigate the
    Gadget   /  
    Aira is designed to make life a little easier for blind and visually impaired people. Using a pair of smart glasses or a phone camera, the system allows an Aira agent to see what the...
    Ozzy Man Reviews Twin Saving His Brother
    Video   /  
    'Ozzy Man' critical analysis of the toddler rescue mission. watch the original below!
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    Cinema in Slow Motion
    Video   /  
    Video editor Jim Casey brings together a seamless collection of cool, mesmerizing, and epic slow motion scenes in classic movies.
    The Best News Bloopers of December 2016
    Video   /  
    News Be Funny presents a roundup of the funny moments that happened during live local news broadcasts in December 2016.
    Guy kicks thief off speeding motorbike to retrieve stolen
    Video   /  
    "A keen-sighted trucker recently got revenge on a man who snatched his mobile phone in spectacular fashion by dramatically kicking the thief off his motorbike to retrieve the device...
    Billy on the Street Do Gay People Care About John
    Video   /  
    John Oliver cares about gay people but do gay people care about John Oliver? Watch Billy hit the streets of New York with Emmy winner John Oliver to try and find out!
    Best of Dude Perfect 2016
    Video   /  
    "It' time for the best Dude Perfect moments of 2016!"
    Samsung s smart fridges with 215inch LED
    Gadget   /  
    The Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Refrigerator is a new product lineup from the technology brand that will be unveiled at CES 2017. The Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Refrigerator has a new interface...
    Watch New TV Spots for Disney s Beauty and the
    Film   /  
    Disney has debuted a few new TV spots for their new live-action Beauty and the Beast movie, arriving in theaters this spring. Starring Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens stars as the...
    Bear Mascot Slipping on Ice in Hilarious Outtakes from Minnesota Car Dealership
    Video   /  
    "How many takes to have a White Bear not slip on the ice during a commercial shoot? Let us count the times!! Enjoy the outtakes from our latest commercial shoot showing our venerable...
    Faraday Future unveils the FF91
    Coupe   /  
    Faraday Future's FF91, unveiled it tonight at CES in Las Vegas. The all-electric car is being positioned as a connected car experience with supercar-level performance numbers. It's...
    The Powerray Underwater Drone That Detects Fish
    Gadget   /  
    PowerVision announced the PowerRay Underwater Drone. This is an underwater drone that thanks to its sensors, will be able to detect fish. It can dive down to 30 meters (98 feet)...
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    Chris Pratt Cleans and Guts A Fish
    Video   /  
    Actor and Outdoorsman Chris Pratt teaches Vanity Fair how to clean and gut a fish.
    Ellen DeGeneres Favorite Ellen Show Moments of
    Video   /  
    Ellen kicked off the New Year with a look back at some of her favorite moments from 2016!
    The Ultimate Workout Fails Compilation
    Video   /  
    Fail Army pays tribute to all the New Year's resolutioners hitting the gym with this hilarious clip compilation of workout fail videos.
    The Best NBA Bloopers of December 2016
    Video   /  
    The National Basketball Association put together this compilation of the funniest pranks, bloopers, and mishaps that took place during NBA basketball games in December 2016.
    Ozzy Man Recaps WTF Happened in December 2016
    Video   /  
    Ozzy Man Reviews: WTF Happened in December. Celebrity deaths, Rhonda Rousey's UFC return, and Mariah Carey's new year's performance were a few of the main events.
    Frozen soap bubbles
    Video   /  
    Meet the First Family of Custom Coffins
    Video   /  
    Creative expression is part of what makes us human - why should that end after we've passed on? In Ghana, Anang Kwei and his children help the families of the deceased celebrate the lives...
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