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    NASA Shows Off Latest Mars Suit Design
    After 233,431 total votes were cast, the "Technology" option has won NASA's Z-2 Spacesuit design challenge with just over 63% of the total vote. This design now will be incorporated into the final version of the suit, which is expected to be ready for testing by November 2014.
    NASA's Z-2 suit is the newest prototype in its next-generation spacesuit platform, the Z-series. With the agency laser focused on a path to Mars, work to develop the technologies astronauts one day will use to live and work on Mars has already begun. Each iteration of the Z-series will advance new technologies that one day will be used in a suit worn by the first humans to step foot on the Red Planet.
    There are many key advances to be found in the Z-2 suit when compared to the previous Z-1. The most significant is that the Z-1 had a soft upper torso and the Z-2 has a hard composite upper torso. This composite hard upper torso provides the much-needed long-term durability that a planetary Extravehicular Activity (EVA) suit will require. The shoulder and hip joints differ significantly based on extensive evaluations performed during the last two years with the Z-1 to look at different ways of optimizing mobility of these complex joints. Lastly, the boots are much closer in nature to those that would be found on a suit ready for space, and the materials used on the Z-2 are compatible with a full-vacuum environment. [ link ]
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    The SaddleBaby($90) is a Child Shoulder Carrier that enables parents to carry their children directly on their shoulders hands-free. Yet, you need your hands always available, to hold bags, dog leashes, cell-phones, cameras...
    "SaddleBaby replaces the traditional method of needing to hold your child's ankles with a much safer and practical system that uses high quality commercial grade Velcro and adjustable buckles to secure your child ankles comfortably and directly to your shoulders. The SaddleBaby shoulder carrier allows you for the first time to safely free your hands to do more and focus on spending quality time with your child. This shoulder carrier gives you the flexibility to go places that you couldn't navigate with a stroller."
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    A guy cutting down a tree branch gets caught in a gnarly spill when the branch he was cutting down falls and takes him down with it.
    His co-worker Kurt Stepp, who posted the video, says:
    My coworker cuts down a tree and the tree is not very happy about it.
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    This Is What Happens When You Turn a Street Into a Slip n

    More than 95,000 people applied for just 360 tickets to slide on inflatable lilos down a soapy water slide in the city centre. The setup behind the slide was surprisingly simple, with Jerram using only plastic sheets and hay bales to construct the slide. Riders slid down on pool rafts for cushioning, and, to add a little extra slip, the water was mixed with dishwashing liquid.
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    Honest Game Trailers: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    A young man goes on a quest to rescue his family’s missing goat. While on his quest, he meets a sidekick and encounters evil inanimate objects that are magically animated.
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    Animated on location at a beach, in snow, and underwater, this stop-motion short details a transoceanic conversation between two characters via objects in a bottle. Written, directed, animated, edited, and sound by Kirsten Lepore. Cool
    Student Poses As Teenager From Every Decade In The Last Hundred

    Student Poses As Teenager From Every Decade In The Last Hundred
    Photographer Annalisa Hartlaub, she imagines herself as a teenager from every decade over the last hundred years since the 1920′s. More pics after more.
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    From C-SPAN coverage, President Obama remarks at the 2014 White House Correspondents' Dinner. Watch the complete video
    The MONDO 237 Collection featuring a knit mask
    The Mondo 237 collection designed by artist Sal Giliberto, including a knit sweater, knit cardigan, knit scarf, knit ski mask, a door mat, and an area rug. I like the ski mask!
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    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare envisions battlegrounds of the future, where both technology and tactics have evolved to usher in a new era of combat for the franchise.
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