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    When Frosty the Snow Goat came to Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary (an Australian not-for-profit farm sanctuary), he was suffering from a debilitating disease. Because of that, his back legs didn't work. So they gave him a tiny wheelchair.
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    Giant Sharknado Devours the Washington DC Area
    On Wednesday, an enormous shark-shaped storm system formed over the central and eastern United States, devouring parts of Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and West Virginia before swallowing the entire Washington, D.C. area. Based on this map, not only is Washington, D.C. in for some potentially severe thunderstorms on Wednesday afternoon, but it is also about to be eaten by a shark.
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    Cody the Ring Necked Parakeet loves to play peekaboo with his human.
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    The DEKA Arm System

    Last week, the FDA approves the Deka arm, the first commercial mind-controlled prosthetic arm. The new Deka arm (codenamed Luke, after Luke Skywalker’s artificial hand) was developed by Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway. The Deka Arm System is a battery-powered device that blends multiple approaches. Some of the Deka’s functions are controlled by myoelectricity, which means the device senses movement in various muscle groups via attached electrodes, then converts those muscle movements into motor control. This allows the user a more natural and (theoretically) intuitive method of controlling the arm rather than relying on a cross-body pulley system. The more advanced myoelectric systems can even transmit sensation back to the user.
    "Life is noisy. Days are filled with sound, some good, some bad. To stay sane, we learn to block out the bad ones - doors that bang, car parts that rattle, chairs that screech on the floor and plates that clatter..."
    British inventor and video maker Colin Furze made a homemade X-Men Magneto magnetic shoes that walking upside down with magnetic shoes. Awesome!

    Microsoft Surface Pro 3
    Microsoft unveils its latest Surface, the Surface Pro 3($800+). It has a 12-inch full HD display(2160 x 1440) and a new 'Surface Pen' for precise drawing and note-taking. And featuring includes an Intel Core processor, storage capacity from 64-512GBs, 4 or 8GBs of RAM and nine-hour battery life.
    The Orion Ultralight waterproof jacket
    Mission Workshop has presented an ultralight Orion waterproof jacket. The Orion($439) is a packable waterproof jacket designed for extreme wet conditions. Made with 96 g/m2 Polartec Neoshell fabric.
    "This highly breathable, waterproof fabric is engineered to react to changes in body temperature and activity levels, allowing more moisture and heat to escape as the intensity level increases. "
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    Nana Trongratanawong surrounded by millions of golden jellyfish during a freedive at Jellyfish Lake.
    If Game Of Thrones Was A Disney Animated Movie

    If Game Of Thrones Was A Disney Animated Movie
    These are part of an ongoing series of digital stills created by Fernando Mendonça and Anderson Mahanski imagining Game of Thrones as a Disney animation. More images after more.
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    A car pushes a police car out of the road, ending a chase A-Team style.
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    A map of the worst countries in the world in which to be a
    The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), a trade group alliance that works to improve laborers' rights around the globe, released its Global Rights Index this week. Countries are ranked from 1 (best) to 5 (worst) on a scale of how well they guard workers' rights. Cambodia, Qatar, and Guatemala were among the worst offenders.
    "The ITUC Global Rights Index ranks 139 countries against 97 internationally recognised indicators to assess where workers’ rights are best protected, in law and in practice.
    “Countries such as Denmark and Uruguay led the way through their strong labour laws, but perhaps surprisingly, the likes of Greece, the United States and Hong Kong, lagged behind,” said ITUC general secretary Sharan Burrow.
    "A country’s level of development proved to be a poor indicator of whether it respected basic rights to bargain collectively, strike for decent conditions, or simply join a union at all.”
    Key findings:
    • In the past year, governments of at least 35 countries have arrested or imprisoned workers as a tactic to resist demands for democratic rights, decent wages, safer working conditions and secure jobs.
    • In at least 9 countries murder and disappearance of workers were commonly used to intimidate workers.
    • Workers in at least 53 countries have been dismissed or suspended for attempting to negotiate better working conditions.
    • Laws and practices in at least 87 countries exclude certain type of workers from the right to strike."
    Here's the report PDF.
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    21 Ways To Open A Bottle
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