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    Cats love Candy Crush as much as people do! And some of these cats play if better than I ever would.
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    George R. R. Martin uses an archaic word processor—WordStar 4.0, running on DOS, no less—to write Game of Thrones. He explained why to Conan last night. First, it means that he has a computer dedicated to writing—obviously he doesn't check his email and browse the web on DOS, that'd be silly—which presumably allows him to concentrate better...
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    Ask girls out using their own dating advice, by FreddyFairhair.
    Moto G 4G Lte
    Motorola is updating their popular Moto G with 4G LTE while still maintaing a very reasonable price of $219 unlocked and without contract. Featuring a 4.5″ 720p screen and comes with 8GB of memory – standard, a 5 megapixel camera, water-repellent coating, Android 4.4 KitKat and a 1.2GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor.
    Ibrahim Hamato from Egypt has no arms, but that hasn't stopped him from becoming a top-notch table tennis player. Hamato lost his arms in an accident at age 10, forcing him to find a new way to compete in his favorite game. He now plays table tennis with a racket in his mouth, swatting at balls with a flick of his head.
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    Some crocodiles can jump completely out of the water. The slow motion gives you really good detail in the crocodiles movement.
    Tadas Maksimovas makes working musical Instrument using hair.
    "To show that anyone can play any instrument and anyone is welcome no matter how good he/she is, we made this experiment and played music with hair. A material that looks impossible to play with at first glance."
    Men s Germanium Kogao Sauna Mask Face slimming shrinking male

    Men s Germanium Kogao Sauna Mask Face slimming shrinking male
    It looks ridiculous.
    "Use the power of sweat to get a tighter, smaller face (kogao) with this Men's Germanium Kogao Sauna Mask.
    Tie the mask around your ski mask-style face using the Velcro straps and start slimming today.
    The Germanium materials tenses your muscles and makes your [sic] sweat, shrinking your face to create a more slender, attractive profile.
    For best results, use this mask after washing your face and applying moisturizers and other face creams.
    Super easy to put on and wear while at home before bed or doing chores, you will notice the sauna effects immediately after taking off the mask."
    Features and Details:
    • Designed for male faces
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    Notknot Pillows
    They are oversized knots made out of filled woolen cylinders.
    Shapes used for the Notknot pillow:
    • Scout knot: Turk's head
    • Chinese decorative knot: Round brocade
    • Flower knot by the knot entrepreneur Clifford W. Ashley ("Book of Knots", 1944)
    • Chinese decorative knot: Good luck
    Size: approximately 16.5 inches in diameter.
    Material: Icelandic Einband wool.
    Made in Iceland by Umemi.
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    The Most Common Languages Spoken in the US After English and

    The Most Common Languages Spoken in the US After English and
    Using data from the American Community Survey conducted by the Census Bureau, where respondents were asked to list the languages spoken in their household, Ben Blatt from Slate made maps of the most commonly spoken language in each state. Spanish blankets the country except for two French areas: in a handful of states near the Canadian border and Louisiana. Yupik, a Native American language, is the second-most spoken language in Alaska, and Tagalog is popular in Hawaii thanks to the large Filipino population. Now keep your eye on that German-speaking pocket in North Dakota.
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    Youtuber and biker Alex Chacon took selfies with a GoPro on a stick during his 600 day trip around the world.
    The ultimate selfie compilation documented like never before in a 360° Degree rotation in every major site and exotic place in over 36+ countries.
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    Sweden-based art director Castor created a personal ad to sell his 93' Volvo 245GL.
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