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    Official Trailer for Demetri Martin s Directorial Debut Comedy
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    CBS Films has debuted a trailer for Demetri Martin's feature directorial debut, an indie comedy titled Dean, about a young man trying to figure himself out after his mother passes away....
    Ozzy Man Commentates on Duck vs Tiger Showdown
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    "Me commentary on an epic Duck vs Tiger showdown. Source footage via the legends at Symbio Wildlife Park."
    100 Years of Beauty in 1 Minute Taiwan
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    100 Years of Beauty - Taiwan
    Cassie Next Generation Robot
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    Engineers at Oregon State University are creating the next generation of bipedal robots.
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    Smarter Every Day 167
    If The Matrix Starred Forrest Gump
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    In this Hero Swap, The Matrix swaps out Neo with Forrest Gump because there is no spoon and you never know what you're gonna get.
    People Try Coffee For The First Time
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    "It's like licking a battery!"
    Why Arrival is the Perfect Response to Bad
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    Arrival: A Response To Bad Movies
    The Poisonous Past of Fake Movie Blood
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    In movies like "The Shining" and "Carrie," blood came by the buckets. But perfecting that red gooey mess took a long time and several different recipes. From melted...
    The Worst Weapons in History
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    History is full of fascinating and successful weapons...and then there are these failures. Watch to find out which ones earned a spot on my list of Least Effective Weapons in History!
    A Salad for Single People
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    Salad for Singles by British comedian Emma Blackery.
    Supercut of Every Oscar Winner for Best Animated Feature
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    The Academy Award for Best Animated Feature was first handed out in 2001. Here is a look back at all the winners so far, and this year’s nominees.
    Amazing Lava Flow Into Ocean
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    Hawaii Lava Flow. This impressive moment is rarely seen, but on January 9th 2017 Lava Kai, lead by Captain Shane Turpin from Ocean Lava Tours, LLC was able to safely position his boat for...
    The Untold Truth Of Princess Leia
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    Princess Leia's journey from an orphaned prisoner of the Empire into a kickass space general has been nothing short of stellar to watch over the decades. But the history behind the Star...
    Touring Nick Offerman  s Wood Shop
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    Ask This Old House host Kevin O’Connor visits Nick Offerman in Los Angeles to tour the comedian’s woodworking shop.
    A Daredevil Makes a Terrifying Walk Between Two Tall Buildings Using a Pair of Extended
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    "By far one of the craziest things I've ever done haha. For a long time I've been searching for a place where I can either jump or climb between two separate cranes and I finally...
    First Fun Trailer for Part 2 of Thor  Darryl s Team Thor Video
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    Marvel Studios has unveiled a teaser trailer for Part 2 of "Team Thor", the video dairies of roommates Thor & Darryl.Marvel Studios' has released this as a promotion for the...
    Rapping Fast on Helium
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    Here's A Video Of A Man Rapping Fast On Helium
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