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    8 Pasta Vs 100 Pasta
    Video   /  
    $8 Pasta Vs. $100 Pasta
    The Ultimate Party Fails Compilation
    Video   /  
    Fail Army brings together the Internet's best and funniest alcohol-fueled party foul and fail videos.
    An Honest Trailer for BBC s Sherlock Series
    Video   /  
    Screen Junkies' "Honest Trailers" series takes an honest look at the first three seasons of Sherlock, BBC's modern day reimagining of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes...
    A Rap Recap of Deadpool
    Video   /  
    Los Angeles-based comedy group, The Warp Zone, summarize Marvel's Ryan Reynolds-led superhero blockbuster, Deadpool, in the form of a humorous, expletive-filled rap song.
    Highlights from Jimmy Kimmel s 6th Annual I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy
    Video   /  
    Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel shares the best clips from the 2016 edition of his "I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy" video challenge, where he asked parents to film...
    Louis CK on the 2016 Presidential Election
    Video   /  
    In this clip from tonight's episode of Conan, comedian Louis C.K. humorously holds nothing back while discussing the tight U.S. presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
    Night in the Life of a Bouncer on Halloween
    Video   /  
    This video showing the Halloween night of 2014 and his work in front of a club.
    Woven Texture Case With Card Slot for iPhone 7
    The LIKECOOLSTORE'S Woven Texture Case With Card Slot for iPhone 7($20).This Woven Texture Case iPhone 7 case got a slot on the outside for keeping your most valuable card so that you can ditch those bulky wallets when you're heading outdoors every day. The iPhone will stay safe from unwanted damage and look pretty elegant at the same time. Or you can choose Benks iPhone 7 Case here, just $9.9.
    Awesome Pok mon Go Halloween Costume
    Video   /  
    Take a look at Pokémon Go! costume this Halloween!
    Ellen DeGeneres Adds Dancing to Classic Scary
    Video   /  
    In true Halloween spirit, Ellen combined some classic scary movies with some wonderfully unnecessary dance moves. Enjoy!
    Creative Weapons of the Medieval Era
    Video   /  
    In the latest episode of his educational series, Sam O'Nella Academy, Sam takes a look at some game-changing weapons and ruthless battle tactics from the medieval era.
    How to Break the Ice With Your Crush
    Video   /  
    James from Casually Explained provides some helpful tips on how to avoid acting like a weirdo when starting a conversation with a potential love interest.
    A Burger King Dressed As McDonald s For Halloween
    Video   /  
    A Queens, NY based Burger King dressed up as the ghost of McDonald’s for Halloween this year. Haha.
    A Glass Table That Looks Like It Has Burning Money
    Furniture   /  
    This is the table built by Alejandro Monge in collaboration with Amarist Studio. It looks like there's a pile of burning 50€ notes inside. They're not real though, the pile of bills...
    Why It Is So Hard to Live in the Present
    Video   /  
    The period of time we find hardest to inhabit is the present; for a range of powerful reasons we should take on board.
    Animal Expert Coyote Peterson Meets a Adorable Baby
    Video   /  
    In this episode of the nature and expedition series "Breaking Trail," host and animal expert Coyote Peterson makes friends with a rambunctious orphaned baby red fox, named...
    The Hydraulic Press Crushes Halloween
    Video   /  
    Halloween vs. Hydraulic press
    The Jeep Revolution BFR3 Pedal Gokart for Kids
    Toy   /  
    This Jeep-branded pedal car is perfect for off-roading kids who want a thrill. The Jeep Revolution BFR-3 pedal go-kart has three gears, plus reverse, a swing axle to keep it stable on...
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