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    Food Zombies  nbsp reusable plastic party picks

    Food Zombies  nbsp reusable plastic party picks
    Cool Food zombies-Party Picks($11). With 6 different poses they will appear to be rising from your snacks, but handle them with care cause after all they are zombies! The “party picks” come in packs of a dozen with six green and six gray brain-eaters.
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    The refresh cap, by Vittel, pops up a tiny red flag every hour to prompt you to hydrate. When you put the bottle cap back on the bottle the timer automatically begins.
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    Brainflight Using thoughts to control airplanes
    Brainflight is a project by Technische Universität München, researching brain-controlled flight.
    "Seven subjects took part in the flight simulator tests. They had varying levels of flight experience, including one person without any practical cockpit experience whatsoever. The accuracy with which the test subjects stayed on course by merely thinking commands would have sufficed, in part, to fulfill the requirements of a flying license test. “One of the subjects was able to follow eight out of ten target headings with a deviation of only 10 degrees,” reports Fricke. Several of the subjects also managed the landing approach under poor visibility. One test pilot even landed within only few meters of the centerline"
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    The Dubai police force are the proud owners of a 'super fleet,' a mass of high end sports cars from all over the world. Their latest addition to the fleet is the $1.6 million dollar Bugatti Veyron, cable of doing 267mph and from 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds. However, these vehicles are not used to chase criminals, but instead as a PR mechanism. Heralded as the most progressive of the Arab police forces, they drive the fleet to various tourist attractions in Dubai as a means of connecting with citizens and tourists.
    Viteo Shower Shower From the Ground Up
    Hook the Viteo Shower up to a hose and step onto it to get rained on from the ground up. All you need to do is step into the Viteo Shower. Your body weight sets of the Viteo’s shower jets, so water gushes up from below and over your head, good idea. The Viteo Shower is available online for €750 (about $850.)
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    Fascinating tutorial on how to ‘roll’ your t-shirts in a way that they won’t crease and save space in your suitcase!
    Snorlax Bed

    Snorlax Bed
    Made by Etsy seller Christine Kim(Custom Order). It's almost 6 feet long. For Snorlax(Pokémon) fans. Cool.
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    Perform by Polish busker Mariusz Goli.

    [Updated: ]Haha, sorry I missed another video in Spanish.

    (The below video is in Spanish, but we provide you with a step-by-step translation below)
    • First, ask your butcher for a 3.3-pound (1.5 kilogram) well-marbled bone-in ribeye in vacuum packaging. The bone is important, because it helps to keeps the meat moist. The vacuum part is important too, because it will avoid oxidation.
    • Put the meat out of the fridge at room temperature (not in a hot room, just normal temperature) for 24 hours inside the vacuum packaging. Don't take it out! It's important you do this step to have the perfect result.
    • On a large, very hot non-stick pan, add a bit of olive oil and put the steak in 3 minutes on each side. Don't move or lift the steak after you place it. Just let it be and flip it when it's time.
    • Take it out the pan and put it on a metal rack to rest for 10 minutes.
    • Let the pan heat up again to the max and put the steak back in 2 minutes on one side.
    • Flip the steak and add 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of butter. Continuously pour the resulting melted butter mixed with the meat juices over the top for another 2 minutes.
    • Put it on a metal rack to rest for 5 minutes, covering it with some aluminum foil with three holes on it (so the vapor doesn't condensate.)
    • Cut in filets and sprinkle some good quality sea salt like fleur de sel or Maldon.
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    Foldable Lonely Tent

    This outdoor accessory is perfect for summer days when you are taking photographs and need to work on them instantly. The BT1-11 Foldable Lonely Tent is designed to give you an easily-deployed cube of solitude when you’re outdoors. Unfolding easily, somewhat like a folding reflector, the BT1-11 stands 1300mm (51in.) x 1600mm (63in.) x 1300mm (51in.) when fully open and weighs just 2.2kg (4.85lbs.) It is expected to cost around $80 when it’s released.
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    Dale tries to explain to M. Bison that running a street fighting tournament makes no financial sense. Feat. Patrick Heusinger.
    Want to see the strongest man in hollywood? Here he is Half Thor Bjornsson. The Mountain from Game of Thrones successfully deadlifting almost 1000 poundsGoT Spoilers.
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