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    Awesome Tricks by Tim Knoll Bike Parkour 20
    Video   /  
    Watch some incredible BIKE PARKOUR tricks through Barcelona Spain with the one and only Tim Knoll!
    Watch a Japanese Hand Plane Shave Wood Impossibly
    Video   /  
    Thinnest Wood Shavings You Have Ever SeenJapanese Woodworking
    A Wine Glass That Attaches Straight To The Bottle
    Gadget   /  
    The 15 Guzzle Buddy is a wineglass-shaped attachment that plugs straight into the bottle and turns the entire thing into one giant glass."The guzzle buddy turns your wine bottle into...
    Viks GT Lamborghini Bike
    Bike   /  
    Indrek Narusk, designer behind Estonia’s Velonia Bicycles, has unveiled the Viks GT, a new urban bike inspired by Italian supercar Lamborghini. The edgy and bold looking evolution...
    Eclectic Method Hillary VS Donald Remix
    Video   /  
    Remix of the 3rd un-presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump from with a hip-hop "Hail To The Chief" backing track.
    Friends Theme Sung by 49 Movies
    Video   /  
    A supercut video of the theme song from Friends, "I’ll Be There for You" by The Rembrandts, being sung by 49 movies.
    Swedish Brewery Makes The World s Most Expensive Potato Chips 5Pack For
    Other   /  
    Swedish brewery St:Erik is selling this five-pack of chips for around $56. That's more than $11 a chip. Each chip in the pack has a different flavor thanks to a unique ingredient, which,...
    Firearms Safety Instructor Performs a Trumpet and Pistol Cover of the Super Mario Bros Theme
    Video   /  
    Firearms safety instructor Charlie Cook has released an amusing video where he performs a trumpet and a pistol cover of the classic Super Mario Bros.
    Rainbow Magic with Skittles Candies
    Video   /  
    Simple DIY rainbow magic with Skittles candies. Form a circle with Skittles on a plate (colours should be in repeated order, preferably according to colours of the rainbow e.g. purple,...
    Dynamic Projection Mapping
    Video   /  
    New technology allows projected images and video to move with their targeted surface.
    Artist Turns 5 Dollar Bill into 5 Dollar Bill
    Video   /  
    In this amazing time-lapse video, Matt Anderson, a talented, self-taught artist from Los Angeles, uses black and white charcoal pencils to turn Abraham Lincoln's portait on a five-dollar...
    New Trump and Hillary Campaign Slogans
    Video   /  
    Comedian and YouTube vlogger Jack Douglass of JacksFilms asked his fans to come up with some new and improved slogans for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's presidential campaigns.
    Video Of A Lichen Katydid s Amazing Camouflage
    Video   /  
    Lichen Katydid, Costa Rica, Cartago Province.
    Dad Mods Son s Wheelchair Into Ecto1 For
    Video   /  
    This is a video of Jeremy Miller and the wheelchair that his father Ryan Scott Miller modded into the Ghostbusters' Ecto-1 for Halloween.
    Emma Stone Answers 73 Random Questions for Vogue
    Video   /  
    In the latest edition of their "73 Questions" series, Vogue Magazine asks actress Emma Stone a barrage of questions about her life and career while touring her apartment in Los...
    Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer
    Video   /  
    Red Dead Redemption 2 will release worldwide in Fall 2017 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems. "Developed by the creators of Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead...
    Young Star Wars Rebels Deliver a Special Gift to a Sick Girl in This Touching New Duracell Christmas
    AD   /  
    Duracell follows up their Star Wars-themed comercial with this new heartwarming, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story-themed ad that celebrates their donation of one million batteries to...
    Simon s Cat in The Monster  A Halloween
    Video   /  
    In this special Halloween edtion of British animator Simon Tofield's "Simon's Cat" animated short film series, Simon's mischievous cat bravely confronts his ultimate nemisis,...
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