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    The Best News Bloopers of January 2017
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    News Be Funny presents a roundup of the funny awkward, and bizarre moments that happened during live local news broadcasts in the month of January 2017.
    Every State In The US
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    Interesting Facts About Every State in the U.S.
    How Saffron Is Made
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    Saffron is among the world's most costly spices by weight.
    Colorado s Mountain Rescue Dog Squad
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    Colorado is known for its beautiful Rocky Mountains, but with mountains come snow and with snow come avalanches. Breckenridge Resort has a group of 6 dogs and handlers trained...
    Coolest Shoe Tying Trick Ever
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    "Five-Year-Old Colton ties his shoes using a trick he learned from his friend River "
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    A Statuesque Shoebill Stork Sweetly Mimics the Movements of a Visiting
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    From the Kakegawa Bird Park in Kakegawa, Japan.
    Real Ice Carousel Made On A Frozen Lake Using A Chainsaw In
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    Janne Käpylehto took a chainsaw to a frozen lake in southern Finland and carved out his own ice carousel! He cut a near-perfect 40-foot circle, and then used a solar-powered outboard...
    Driving on a pier during strong winds
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    Humboldt Bay, California, USA
    Electromagnetic Levitation Quadcopter
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    Spinning magnets near copper sheets create levitation.
    The World s Most Frustrating Work of Art
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    "Near the town of Herning in Denmark sits Elia, a giant metal dome sculpture by Ingvar Cronhammar that occasionally spouts flame. I reckon it's the world's most frustrating piece of...
    Amazing Star Wars C3PO Body Paint Tutorial Time
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    Canada-based artist, and model, Kay Pike, transforms herself into C-3PO.
    Idiot s Guide to Japanese Apartments
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    Japanese/American married couple Rachel and Jun Yoshizuki from Aichi, Japan provide tips on setting up and living in a Japanese apartment.
    Parry Gripp Sings a Tribute to Sandwiches
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    Eat a Sandwich by Parry Gripp.
    Disney s Beauty and the Beast Official Trailer
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    "Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is a live-action re-telling of the studio’s animated classic which refashions the classic characters from the tale as old as time for a...
    Primitive Technology Making a Bed Shed
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    "I built a bed shed, a small shelter with a sleeping platform built into it. It’s quicker to build than a large hut but can be extended later on when materials and time become...
    What If We Have A Nuclear War
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    What would happen if a nuclear weapon was dropped near you?
    The Slow Mo Guys OverInflating Footballs
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    Over-inflating Footballs in Super Slow Motion
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