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    Smashmouth Recreated From Windows XP Sounds
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    Smash Mouth'S Catchy Song 'All Star' remade with Windows Xp system sounds
    The World Is Slowly Running Out Of Sand
    Video   /  
    "I never thought of sand as a non-renewable resource, but there's only a limited supply: and to make things worse, it keeps getting washed into the sea. At Cape May, New Jersey, the...
    Anatomically Correct SpiderMan
    Video   /  
    Corridor humorously imagines how Spider-Man, functioned more like a real spider.
    You Suck at Cooking Valentine s Day Brownies
    Video   /  
    Valentine's Day Brownies - You Suck at Cooking
    Take a FirstPerson Ride Through a NightmareInducing Hot Wheels
    Video   /  
    "Take a trip on a Hot Wheels car through a fantastical wonderland of lights, glow sticks, and fire. There’s no telling where the track will go next. Filmed with a Sony VG30H...
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    Dad and Baby Son Perform Adorable Dance Routine to Michael Jackson s Beat
    Video   /  
    "Home alone with my son Miles, we find "creative" ways to pass the time."
    Donald Trump s Tweets as an Early 2000s Emo Song
    Video   /  
    "We noticed that Trump's tweets are basically the lyrics to an early 2000s emo song, so we turned them into one."
    American Kids Try Traditional Mexican Food
    Video   /  
    Cut Video asks a panel of cute kids from Seattle, Washington to taste their popular dishes from Mexico, including molletes, tamales, pozole soup, and flan.
    Picture of day Jupiter From Below
    Pic   /  
    This enhanced-color image of Jupiter’s south pole and its swirling atmosphere was created by citizen scientist Roman Tkachenko using data from the JunoCam imager on NASA’s...
    The Amazing Bioluminescence Of Deep Sea Creatures
    Video   /  
    Strange Bioluminescing Deep Sea Animals
    A Old Blind Dog Walking in Snow Cute
    Video   /  
    "15 yr old blind dog Smiley following my voice in the fresh dusting of snow"
    Tea Making Tips 1941
    Video   /  
    A 1941 film reel demonstrates how to properly make tea.
    A Homemade Remake of the Teaser Trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol
    Video   /  
    'Dumb Drum' created a sweded, shot-for-shot, low-budget homemade remake of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Teaser Trailer.
    What If Everybody Lived In Just One Building
    Video   /  
    A Look at How Large a Building Would Need to Be In Order to Hold All 7.4 Billion People on Earth
    The History of the Romans Every Year 934907620753515048
    Video   /  
    See the entire history and progression of Roman civilization from the city-state Kingdom all the way to the last Byzantine successor state.
    Sunday Night Party during the Jazz Roots Festival
    Video   /  
    Sunday Night Party during the Jazz Roots Festival in Paris at the Bellevilloise.
    Cracking The 80 Ft Whip
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    Physics 4 Bryan 0
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