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    Set for release a week before Halloween, "Ghost Dimension" will follow a fresh family (Chris J. Murray, Brit Shaw and Ivy George) as they move into a new house and find an old video camera and box of tapes in the garage.
    The trailer's intertitles promise that "every secret will be revealed" in the film. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension is coming this October in 3D.
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    Watch the cast of PIXELS describe what it was like working with their favorite 80s arcade characters while staying true to the gaming experience.  Check out these two featurettes for Chris Columbus' Pixels - one about the "Arcade Heroes" + "Lady Lisa".  Cool  Columbia Pictures will release the film in the middle of summer on July 24th.
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    Custom made Helmets designed by Jyo John Mulloor
    Custom made Helmets designed by Dubai-based artist Jyo John Mulloor. Wow, cool, they look like human heads.
    "All my life I have always been a passionate motorcyclist. I love everything about motorbiking but the helmets. The most uncomfortable gear you could ever wear.
    But a helmet had its pros, so you could never ignore it. Imagine a protective gear that’s so comfortable that you feel you never wore one. Project:HumanHelmet is an outcome of my extreme dislike to wearing a thick, clunky piece of metal that's simply not as comfortable as wearing a bandanna, cap or nothing at all.
    Although the reason behind the design was totally personal, it later turned into a design project that received appreciations from around the globe. Some manufactures have already shown interest in launching a line of helmets under this design umbrella. I hope to see these designs moving across the streets soon
    . "
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    This week, John looks at (and tries to break a few) weird world records!
    Ford s new smartbike vibrates to warn you about
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    Ford announced latest smartbike — the MoDe:Flex, latest concept bicycle has been designed to warn cyclists of upcoming road damage and potholes through a built-in vibration system. Ford says the app comes with an Apple Watch extension that can somehow detect potholes on the road. Riders will feel their handlebars vibrate when they come close to such hazards, but the car company doesn't explain whether the software relies on existing data, is capable of scanning the road ahead, or is simply employing advanced magic to spot the holes. The bike works with an app which provides real-time information on weather, congestion, parking costs, time, traffic, and alternate public transportation.
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    Check out the video by Fratila Angelo above that shows just how close you can get,  the Nikon Coolpix P900 zoom range test video.
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    Watch Big Sean’s New Video Featuring Kanye West For “All Your Fault”. The single is taken off his recent Dark Sky Paradise album that's out now.
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    Game of Thrones shot-for-shot parody in the style of Super Mario World.
    The TieFi, a clever Wi-Fi hotspot built into a necktie to force kids to close  to their father. A  Wi-Fi hotspot built into the tie that only extends about 10 feet from the wearer that brings the family closer.
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    "The aim is to raise awareness around the dangers of intoxication while operating a boat, driving a car, when pregnant or together with children. Docking is an art form best practiced sober."
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    Brown Bag Films present Bird Food, a short animation written and directed by Richard Keane.
    Bird Food is a feast for the eyes that chews at the funny bone.
    On a lovely sunny day, a business man tries to eat his lunch in the park but the local pigeons have other ideas.
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