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    Russian Humanoid Robot Firing Guns With Both
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    This is a video of Russian humanoid robot F.E.D.O.R. (Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research) blasting away with two handguns. But don't worry, guys, this totally isn't a...
    Goat Yoga a hit on New Hampshire farm
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    As many of us try to find new ways to exercise and stay in shape, a farm in New Hampshire is offering a different experience: yoga with goats.
    An Intense Easter Egg Hunt From a 3YearOld s
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    "Watch our three year old fill up his easter egg basket like his life depends on it. "
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    Build Your Own Shoes with NIKEA
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    The latest sketch from Brooklyn-based comedy group, The Kloons, introduces NIKEA, a new do-it-yourself shoe service from Nike and IKEA.
    7 Things You Didn t Know About The Godfather
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    In the latest of "Things You Didn't Know", Clint Gage shares some little-known, behind-the-scenes facts about Francis Ford Coppola's classic 1972 crime drama film, The Godfather, to...
    The Best of Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017
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    "The Force was strong at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, April 13-16, 2017. Take a look back at the biggest and most widely-attended Celebration in history."
    Underappreciated Movies You Already Missed In
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    If you're a fan of big movies, you've probably got a neatly-organized laundry list of films to catch this year. From Star Wars: The Last Jedi to Wonder Woman, all the big flicks...
    John Oliver on the French Presidential Election
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    The presidential election in France could determine the political future of Europe. John Oliver visits an excessively French bistro to deliver an urgent message to voters.
    If Fast Food Commercials Were Honest
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    Turns out the only thing grosser than the food is how the commercials are made.
    Maserati Ghibli Nerissimo Edition
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    Maserati unveiled a new option for buyers of its Ghibli sedan: the "Nerissimo Edition," which translates as "extremely back." With 450 only produced and strictly for...
    Boogie Woogie Veterans
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    Boogie Woogie Veteranen Turnier Landshut 2017
    Saturday Night Live Basketball Scene
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    The background players (Jimmy Fallon, Mikey Day) in a basketball scene prove disruptive to the film's stars (Pete Davidson, Kenan Thompson) and director (Alex Moffat).
    How to Hold a Toddler
    Video   /  
    New Zealand dad Jordan Watson follows up his viral "How to Hold a Baby" video from 2015 by demonstrating various ways to hold toddler, with help from his now three-year-old daughter,...
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    Can you solve Einstein  s Riddle
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    "Before he turned physics upside down, a young Albert Einstein supposedly showed off his genius by devising a complex riddle involving a stolen exotic fish and a long list of suspects....
    Jurrasic Prank From French Prankster Remi
    Video   /  
    The egg hunt is on for Easter and French prankster Remi Gaillard knows where to find the perfect egg!
    When Mystery Science Theater 3000 Meets Stranger
    Video   /  
    The MST3K crew has a new title to watch: Stranger Things. Watch as Jonah and the bots riff on one of their sister shows on Netflix, “Stranger Things.”"Anticipated Reboot of Fan...
    Saturday Night Live Sean Spicer s Easter Message
    Video   /  
    White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy) apologizes for his comments about Hitler.
    Saturday Night Live Turtle Shirts
    Video   /  
    Turtle Shirts offer an amazing and comfortable place to wait out any unwanted and embarrassing situation.
    Saturday Night Live Time Travel Celebrity Family
    Video   /  
    Liza Minnelli (Cecily Strong), Diana Ross (Sasheer Zamata), Mick Jagger (Harry Styles) and John Travolta (Jimmy Fallon) take on Kristen Stewart (Kate McKinnon), Gwen Stefani (Melissa...
    Saturday Night Live Donald Trump s First 100
    Video   /  
    President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) looks back on his first 100 days with Vice President Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) and chooses between advisors Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner (Jimmy...
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