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    Wasteland Weekend A FourDay PostApocalyptic Mad Max Party in California s Mojave
    Video   /  
    Deep in the Mojave Desert, there's a post-apocalyptic party going on. It's one part burning man and one part "Mad Max" with a lot of gearheads mixed in. Take a stroll through...
    Wee Day Out Danny MacAskill s Performs Wild Mountain Bike Stunts Around
    Video   /  
    Want to see what Danny MacAskill does on his day off? "Wee Day Out" explores the rural landscape around Edinburgh in a film that sets out to capture the simple fun of a ride in...
    Will Ferrell Wants Everyone in Florida to Vote
    Video   /  
    Actor and comedian Will Ferrell, who's a native Floridian, encourages his fellow Floridians (and the rest of the U.S.) to register and pledge to vote in the upcoming 2016 presidential...
    Netflix s Luke Cage Reimagined as a 90s Sitcom
    Video   /  
    Video editor Zach Ace cleverly reimagines Marvel's Luke Cage as a campy '90s sitcom by mashing up clips from the Netflix Original superhero series with the iconic theme song, "As...
    The UK s New  5 Plastic Bank Note Can Play Vinyl
    Video   /  
    DJ Blowfelt plays his record with a new polymer £5 note
    Two Barry Gibbs Sing a FallThemed Duet
    Video   /  
    Legendary British singer-songwriter and Bee Gees co-founder Barry Gibb and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, doing a convincing Barry Gibb impression, turn fall-themed words and phrases,...
    How to Skitch in NYC
    Video   /  
    In this short informational film by pro BMX rider and filmmaker Austin Augie, Austin teaches the dangerous art of skitching (a method of hitching a ride by holding onto a vehicle while...
    How to Order Coffee
    Video   /  
    Parody education channel Casually Explained provides a quick but helpful guide for navigating complicated coffee shop menus.
    29 TV and Movie SpinOffs That Almost Happened
    Video   /  
    This week, Mike shares some spin-offs that almost were!
    Why Rappers Love Grey Poupon
    Video   /  
    Vox video producer, Estelle Caswell, takes a look at how fancy Dijon mustard brand Grey Poupon became rap artists' favorite condiment.
    Cat Watching Horror Movie
    Video   /  
    Do cats watch horror movies? Yes, they do! And they just are as frightened as you.
    The Tortoise and the Hare in Real Life
    Video   /  
    IAUMReview filmed this amusing real-life recreation the race from Aesop's classic tale, The Tortoise and the Hare, at a mobile technology event in Thailand.
    Simple Life Hacks for Your Car
    Video   /  
    Life Hacks for your car. Make a quick holder for your mobile phone or Sat Nav. Stop your windows from steaming up, fix a slow seat belt and more.
    BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 Motorcycle
    Motorcycle   /  
    BMW's Motorrad Vision Next 100 concept motorcycle, the flexible motorcycle of the future. BMW unveiled its Motorrad Vision Next 100 concept motorcycle today in Los Angeles, one of a series of concept vehicles from the various BMW Group brands that imagines what transportation will be like in about thirty years. "Glasses instead of a helmet, light clothing, full balance...
    Paul Smith  Caran d Ache release a second
    Gadget   /  
    Paul Smith and Caran d’Ache continue their colourful collaboration with a second edition of eye-catching pens, plus a special 8-pen collector’s box set." With its famous...
    Cruise Ship Swimming Pool During Rough Seas
    Video   /  
    This is a video from a Norwegian Cruise Ship pool while traveling through rough seas. It looks like a great time.
    Man Releases 285 Snakes Back Into The Wild All At
    Video   /  
    This is a short video of the Pied Piper of serpents dumping a sackful of snakes captured in urban areas back into the wild of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India...
    An Honest Trailer for XMen Apocalypse
    Video   /  
    Screen Junkies' "Honest Trailers" comedy series takes an honest look at the latest and ninth installment in the X-Men superhero film series, X-Men: Apocalypse.
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