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    Your Daily Dose of Internet for December 15 2018
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    Your Daily Dose of Internet for December 15, 2018
    Saturday Night Live Oscar Host Auditions
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    "Chris Hemsworth (Matt Damon), Roseanne Barr (Aidy Bryant), Kanye West (Chris Redd) and more audition to host the 2019 Oscars."
    Saturday Night Live It s a Wonderful Trump
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    Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) gets his wish to have never been president granted and sees how the lives of Michael Cohen (Ben Stiller), Brett Kavanaugh (Matt Damon), Robert Mueller (Robert...
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    Samsung unveils the Notebook 9 Pen
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    Samsung is unveiling a new 2-in-1 notebook PC, 2-in-1 laptop/tablet hybrid that gives you the best of both worlds with a fully-featured Windows PC and a convertible form factor that can...
    Iceskating Robot Also Swims
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    Ice-skating Robot Also Swims
    Google Year In Search 2018
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    In a year of ups and downs, the world searched for "good" more than ever before — according to Google Trends. From the epic headlines to the everyday moments, here’s...
    Everest The Summit Climb
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    Raw and Unfiltered. The final climb on Mt. Everest. Experience what climbers endure on their final push to the top of the world.
    The Best Pet Videos of 2018
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    Best Pets Of The Year 2018
    How Much Does Luck Decide Our Lives
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    "Believing that many of the big things in our lives come down to luck is, in a way, a rather insulting thought. We put so much effort into controlling our own destinies. Nevertheless, a...
    Lost and Found
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    "Lost & Found is a stop motion short film that tugs at the heartstrings. A knitted toy dinosaur must completely unravel itself to save the love of its life."
    Transporting 125 Foot Logs Through Tight Corners
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    Logging 125 foot poles on switchback corners!
    KFC firelog that smells just like its fried chicken sells out in
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    Kentucky Fried Chicken doesn't have a new spicy sandwich but rather a firelog that smells like its fried chicken. The limited edition 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog costs $18.99 and is...
    Brabus announces its 700 4x4  one of ten Final
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    Based on the Mercedes-Benz AMG G63, Brabus has turned this already-impressive German SUV into a veritable off-road supercar — loading it with a 5.5L twin-turbo V8, which has been...
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    Odin Makes The helmet of Thanos from Avengers Infinity War and
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    Watch as Odin Abbott makes Thanos’ Helmet from Infinity War and Endgame using some EVA foam floor mats, some contact cement, and paint.
    Aaron s Animals Love Catually
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    "Prince Michael hosts a Christmas festival for the locals. "
    Beer Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Beer
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    In this episode of 'Price Points', Epicurious challenges beer expert Garrett Oliver, Brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewery, to guess which one of two beers is more expensive. Garrett...
    Katherine Ryan StandUp on The Late Late Show
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    James welcomes stand-up comedian Katherine Ryan to Stage 56 where she performs jokes about not having a need to find a boyfriend, where Melania Trump went wrong in her own quest to find a...
    Vanessa Hudgens vs Spicy Wings
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    "Vanessa Hudgens is a multi-hyphenate megastar known for her High School Musical smashes, roles in cult movies like Spring Breakers, and growing list of Broadway appearances. This holiday...
    Gif snowing 538812678807459529
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    Gorgeous Timelapses of Flowers Quickly Blooming
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    It took six months to shoot 24000 photos in total for this video. I could not estimate in advance the blooming period of each flower, so it was very hard to set the interval between each...
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