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    Garmin Approach S10
    Gadget   /  
    Garmin have introduced a new entry-level golf watch to their wearables collection. The Garmin Approach S10($150) is simple and easy to use, and can automatically display the course...
    200 Dropped Wallets
    Video   /  
    The 20 MOST and LEAST HONEST cities
    Deadpool Apologizes to David Beckham
    Video   /  
    In this hilarious promo for the upcoming Deadpool sequel, Deadpool 2, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) shows up to soccer legend David Beckham's house to try to apologize for an insulting comment...
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    The First Teaser Trailer for the Upcoming Predator
    Film   /  
    20th Century Fox just released the first teaser trailer for The Predator, the upcoming 2018 fourth installment in the classic Predator science fiction-horror film series. The Predator...
    Terrifying Automatic Hair Cutter
    Video   /  
    "Wouldn't it be nice to get a haircut in the comfort of your own home, for free? I've made a machine for that. Don’t try this at home folks, it may not look like it but I am a...
    Adam from Adam Ruins Everything Explains Why Teens Don t Get Enough
    Video   /  
    "Puberty delays our 24-hour internal clock which urges our body to stay up late and puts teens at a disadvantage when they have to wake up early for school."
    How to Make the Pies from Waitress
    Video   /  
    "Jenna Hunterson is excels in many arenas: making pies, coming up with sentence-long names for said pies, customer service, and wrangling her downright horrible husband. But mostly pies....
    Making Counterfeit Bananas
    Video   /  
    "In this video, I make fake bananas out of wood to trick my roommate.I carved them out of a kiln dried fir 2x4, using the bandsaw, Japanese hand saw, slick chisel, drawknife, and...
    Dad and 5YearOld Daughter Sing a Cute Kids Version of Billy Joel s We Didn t Start the
    Video   /  
    We Didn't Start the Fire 🔥 Kids Version (Billy Joel)
    Time Lapse Of Giant Lava Flow Consuming Car
    Video   /  
    Time Lapse of giant lava flow consuming car, telephone pole falling
    Google Assistant Making A Phone Call
    Video   /  
    Google just presented this at the Google I/O'18.
    Brabham BT62
    SportsCars   /  
    British racing company Brabham's new Brabham BT62, a McLaren Senna-rivalling 700bhp track-only hypercar. Priced at £1 million before taxes and options. The car will feature a...
    True Facts About Carnivorous Plants
    Video   /  
    True Facts : Carnivorous Plants
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    Astronauts Falling Down on the Moon
    Video   /  
    "Raw video from the NASA archive shows gravity winning again."
    The Evolution of Captain America
    Video   /  
    To celebrate the recent release of the latest Marvel superhero film, Avengers: Infinity War, video editing duo Andy Schneider and Jonathan Britnell of Burger Fiction take a look back at...
    Can Headphones Cause Hearing Loss
    Video   /  
    "Many of us are listening to headphones for several hours a day. Our ears may feel fine, but ear damage is slow and subtle...and irreversible. In this episode of Gadget Myth-Busting,...
    Twisted Squid Gulf of Mexico 2018
    Video   /  
    "Described by our resident cephalopod expert as “probably the most bizarre squid I’ve ever seen,” we encountered this unusual squid while exploring an unnamed mound at a depth of...
    The First Trailer for Arrested Development Season
    Video   /  
    Netflix just released the first look at the upcoming fifth season of the popular sitcom Arrested Development. Season five begins streaming on Netflix on May 29th.
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