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    This home device comes packed with innovative technology, including a built-in camera and the ability to check in with your smartphone to see the progress of your meal via a smartphone app. The oven automatically regulates temperature, sends push notifications when the food is done, and even offers live-streamed video updates of the cooking progression. The June Intelligent Oven is  smart oven is priced at $1,495, will begin shipping early Spring 2016.
    "June is engineered for precision heating. Like cruise control on your car, June continually calculates the power needed to maintain a constant temperature. Food cooks faster while using less energy than traditional ovens. And a core temperature probe alerts you the moment your food is cooked to perfection. …June identifies the food, weighs it, and reads the internal temperature to recommend a cooking program. Your food’s weight and temperature are constantly monitored to ensure a perfectly cooked meal."
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    The Roccbox Portable Stone Bake Oven Will Bake You A Pie In 90
    The Roccbox is a portable stone bake oven that is capable of cooking a 12-inch pizza in only 90 seconds. The innovative design features a slab of stone, and a specially designed rear burner that works either with gas or wood. In 15 minutes you can have a 500C (932F) oven, which can take your pie from raw to cooked in 90 seconds flat. The outer section is covered in a protective silicone shell, which helps in not getting your fingers toasted along with your pizza. But it isn’t only pizza that you can make in the Roccbox: “it enables the baking of breads, cooking of fish, roasting of meats, vegetables, desserts and much, much more.” It is portable at 20kg (44lbs), at £349 ($541USD).
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    Floating Dome Lets Fish Take A Peek Of The World Above Water
    The Floating Fish Dome is a $200 acrylic dome  that allows pond fish to take a peek of the world above the water's surface and dream of having legs like all the land creatures. At 31-inches across the dome provides plenty of room for even a couple of fish to swim up and take a peek. And you can easily train them how to use it with a bit of food pushed up and under the dome so it floats to the top, enticing your fish to enter.
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    Here’s a fake Ribeye being made from beef brisket and cheap chopped up stew meat.
    "In this video I try to shed some light on Transglutaminase aka meat glue. This stuff is used in a lot of "formed meats", but some eateries are actually passing off "formed steaks" as the real deal! "
    The UMA Sound Lantern Portable Light and Wireless
    San Francisco’s Pablo Designs and Amsterdam and Milan-based Italian designer Carmine Deganello have collaborated on the UMA Sound Lantern, a contemporary and innovative portable speaker and light. It looks beautiful. The light features a touch-sensitive volume control, Bluetooth connectivity and a light control dial.  Pablo Designs describe the lantern as “a primal symbol etched in etched in the collective human tradition”.
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    Blowing Farts in Classic Art by Doug Bayne. Haha!
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    The first teaser for the finale of Lionsgate's blockbuster franchise is here.
    Take a look at eight incredible transport inventions.
    Created by Ross Ching & Karen X. Cheng
    Ross got the idea for this video after seeing some photos with the “tilted camera” effect on steep streets. Since San Francisco is so hilly, it was the perfect city for this idea.
    Music: I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ By Scissor Sisters
    The Microbes on the Handprint of an 8YearOld After Playing
    This petri dish handprint created by Tasha Sturm of Cabrillo College, vividly illustrates the variety of bacteria found on her 8-year-old son’s hand after playing outdoors. The print itself represents several days of growth as different yeasts, fungi, and bacteria are allowed to incubate. Sturm describes it in more detail in the comments at this post.
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    Jimmy celebrates the French Open by setting the best tennis grunts from this year's tournament to music.
    Matt Bray of ProjectOneLife did the same dance routine in 100 different locations.
    Funny Fish Falling From The Sky
    This fellow with a handsome mug is a lamprey, a type of fish. It's a parasite that attaches itself to other fish with its tooth-filled sucker mouth, then sucks the life out of its host. He and his friends have been dropping out of the sky outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. At least four of have been found and counted by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. One was captured alive. CNN reports:
    Most were dead, but one was found alive outside a Fairbanks thrift store.
    "Two gentleman came in and asked if we have a bucket with water because there's an eel in your parking lot," said the store's manager, Sue Valdrow. She put the fish, which was about a foot long, into a container of water and called officials.

    The birds are likely catching the fish from the Chena River and then dropping them during their flight.
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