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    During the launch of the iPhone 6 in the Netherlands, Dutch telecom provider KPN made sure future iPhone 6 Plus owners don't have to worry about bending their brand new gadget. While waiting in line to get their new iPhone, a mobile tailor offered to supersize people's pockets.
    The Sony Xperia Z3 is waterproof, so they unbox it underwater.
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    The Pizza Cake
    This cake, however, is real! Shawn Syphus of Pillsbury made this pepperoni Pizza cake and the cake made from dough, cheese, tomato sauce, and pepperoni. It is a complex build that requires a 6-inch deep cake pan.
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    Creepy cool Criterion Collection montage of the "Eyes of Hitchcock" films.
    Shipshaped hospital

    Shipshaped hospital
    Monaco-based Russian billionaire businessman and hobbyist architect Vasily Klyukin recently unveiled his plan to construct an upmarket hospital and spa that closely resembles a ship. Klyukin hopes that the White Sails Hospital and Spa will become "the world's first hospital that no one is afraid to visit." The idea is to make a building that's more friendly and welcoming than traditional hospitals. The idea was apparently born from Klyukin's own personal experience of going to hospitals to be checked for his upcoming ride on Virgin Galactic:
    "I will fly into Space next year. My health condition has to be checked every six months. That is why I know this feeling very well,- every time I'm approaching the white building of the clinic, I don't feel any joy. But I would like to show you the hospital, where there is no room for fear. And so that my son could ask about this hospital: "Daddy, when will we visit the ship again?""
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    Ohio State's marching band performs during the Sept. 27 Buckeyes game versus Cincinnati. Theme: The Wizard of Oz.
    Walking Deadthemed human flesh burger

    Walking Deadthemed human flesh burger
    The controversial cannibal burger has been developed by Messhead – a collaboration between London-based food creatives Miss Cakehead and Mess London chef James Thomlinson, an offbeat new promotional campaign for The Walking Dead's fifth season will give you a taste. Messhead  has developed a burger that's as close as possible in flavor to actual human flesh — without, you know, actually including any.
    The final product? A burger composed of pork, veal, chicken liver, and bone marrow — though Messhead also clarifies that the taste of a real person would vary based on "age, the body part being consumed, and the method of cooking."
    If you’re feeling adventurous, you can grab yourself a free bite of a human flesh burger on Tuesday 30th September from the Terminus Tavern pop-up in a secret location in East London. Non-Londoners can find the recipe for the burger on the London Mess Facebook page.
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    12 types of people that you see on Facebook. By Wrong Hands/John Atkinson.
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    2015 CanAm Spyder F3

    BRP presents Can-Am’s 2015 Spyder F3, is a three-wheeled motorcycles has a 115hp 3-cylinder engine. The Spyder F3 features the exclusive UFit system, allowing riders to personalize their Spyder F3 with customized peg positions and handlebar options to express their own personality and riding style. The personalization is enhanced further by a range of new parts, accessories, clothing and hero packages, including the Touring Escape, Muscle Attitude and Urban Nights packages. It is currently available for $19,499. Watch the video below.
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    "A heartbroken man suffers from 100 orgasms each day - but does not enjoy a single one. Dale Decker is the first man to ever speak publicly about Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome - a condition he developed in September 2012 when he slipped a disc in his back while getting out of a chair. On his way to the hospital he suffered his first five orgasms and has been given no respite from them since. The painful pelvic episodes have left him housebound and isolated through fear of suffering a public orgasm. Dale lives in Two Rivers, Wisconsin with his wife April and two sons Christian, 12 and Tayten, 11. While she does everything she can to support him, April, 33 is finding Dale’s condition just as hard to live with as he is. The horrific condition has cost Dale many of his friends and the relationship he shares with his sons has also been affected. Despite suffering from a near constant erection Dale and April rarely have sex. "
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