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    Super Mario Odyssey in Real Life
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    "The Pranking Ninja," dressed up as Mario to hilariously mess with people while imagining a real-life version of the upcoming Nintendo Switch video game, Super Mario Odyssey."It's-a justa...
    Guy Invents a SelfDriving Potato That Acts Like a
    Video   /  
    Marek Baczynski shows off and demonstrates his latest creation, a self-driving potato, which he's named Pontus, that has a cat-like personality.
    The Rotten Funky Stench of Taiwan  s Delicious Stinky
    Video   /  
    "With its unconventional name and niche menu offerings, Dai's House of Unique Stink is a distinctive food joint. First, there's the fact that the restaurant has had to move seven times...
    Forever Spinning Kid On Go Kart
    Video   /  
    Lucky someone stopped him...
    How to Become Better Friends With Your Cat
    Video   /  
    Everyone knows that cats are the most illogical and unpredictable pets. Just try to work out what’s going through that furry little head! But it turns out that cats have their own...
    Game of Thrones Season 7 Official Trailer 2
    Video   /  
    Here's the just-released second trailer for the upcoming highly-anticipated seventh season of HBO's epic fantasy drama series, Game of Thrones. Season 7 premieres on HBO on July 16, 2017.
    How Geometry Can Help Visualize Space and Time
    Video   /  
    Using geometry we can not only understand, but visualize how causality dictates the order of events in our universe
    Nintendo Switch aka The Wii 3 A 300 PSP nbsp Honest Game
    Video   /  
    From the creators of some of the most successful consoles of all time, blast into the future of gaming – according to Nintendo and no one else!
    Full Red Band Trailer for American Assassin Starring Dylan
    Film   /  
    CBS Films + Lionsgate have released a new full-length trailer for an action thriller titled American Assassin, adapted from Vince Flynn's novel of the same name."AMERICAN ASSASSIN follows...
    Why Norway Is Full Of Teslas
    Video   /  
    With a market share of nearly 30%, electric vehicles are all over Norway
    Extremely Fast Japanese Sumo Robots
    Video   /  
    Extremely Fast Japanese Sumo Robots
    29 US States With Weird Nicknames for Their
    Video   /  
    This week, John shares some of the bizarre nicknames states have for their residents!
    Video Size Comparison Of The World s Largest Tarantula
    Video   /  
    "The video goliath vs pumpkin patch shows the size difference between some of South Americas Tarantulas. Both are fully grown adult females. The Goliath in this was recently deceased, and...
    Adorable Raccoon Babies Make Human Friend
    Video   /  
    Watch three adorable and playful baby raccoons befriend a man on a fishing trip.
    Kendrick Lamar s Humble Sung in Cartoon Voices
    Video   /  
    Mikey Bolts hilarious covers Kendrick Lamar's latest hit, "HUMBLE.," as Stewie and Peter Griffin from Family Guy, Hank Hill and Dale Gribble from King of the Hill, and Donald Trump.
    Triangular Storage Bags For Pizza Slices
    Other   /  
    ThinkGeek is selling Pizza Bags, a 24 pack of triangular plastic storage bags for keeping your tasty slices of pizza fresh.Here’s some pizza science for you: do you know what the #1...
    An Honest Trailer for the 2017 Power Rangers
    Video   /  
    "From the studio that could really use a new franchise, comes a reboot that asks, "What if we took the Power Rangers....seriously?"
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