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    If Medicine Commercials Were Honest
    Video   /  
    If Medicine Commercials Were Honest
    The WineOvation Is A GunShaped Bottle Opener
    Gadget   /  
    The WineOvation is a gun-shaped wine bottle opener. Yes, the WineOvation is a device meant to look exactly like a revolver, and whose only purpose is to open wine bottles. You unholster...
    Ladybug take off in slow motion
    Video   /  
    A ladybug prepares and takes off for flying away. The sequence was recorded by cameraman Rainer Bergomaz from Blue Paw Artists with a pco.dimax HD at 3000 frames/s and 1296 x 720 pixel...
    Chocolate Spoon Molds
    Gadget   /  
    Amazon vendor WBSEos is selling chocolate spoon molds for $7.Fill them up with chocolate and stick them in the freezer to harden them up. Now you have chocolate spoons. [ Amazon Link ]
    The Majesty Of The Moor
    Video   /  
    Enjoy the majesty of the moor from high above as well as lower to the ground. Sit back, relax and take a journey through some beautifully spectacular countryside.
    OneEyed Cat Loves To Surf
    Video   /  
    Nankuli, known as Kuli, the cat, from Honolulu, Hawaii, has been surfing with owners Alexandra Gomez and Krista Littleton for over a year after they rescued the on-eyed moggy.
    7 Things You Didn t Know About Rugrats
    Video   /  
    To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Rugrats, Clint Gage from CineFix takes a look at some little-known facts about the beloved '90s Nickelodeon animated series.
    Dark Knight Batpod
    Gadget   /  
    Prop Store is auctioning off one of the six Batpod motorcycles that were made for and used in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. It has a custom-made chassis, Hoosier racing...
    Ozzy Man Reviews Everything That Happened in August
    Video   /  
    Perth, Australia-based film critic and vlogger, Ozzy Man Reviews, takes a hilarious look back at some of the good, bad, and crazy events that happened in August 2016.
    John Oliver on Labor Day
    Video   /  
    In this web exclusive clip from HBO's Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver gets inspired by the rule against wearing white after Labor Day to come up with a list of more things we should...
    Guy Can Speak Backwards
    Video   /  
    Kurt Talks Backwards
    946 000kg Load Headin Towards Fort McMurray
    Video   /  
    Take a look at this massive load heading to Fort McMurray, Alberta weighing in at 946,000kg.
    Back To School Life Hacks
    Video   /  
    Life Hacks for going back to school 2016. DIY how to make a Rainbow highlighter pen, fix your backpack zip, and a pencil life hack!
    Humpback Whales Breaching Surprises Kayakers in British
    Video   /  
    While observing a mother Humpback nursing her calf from a safe distance away, the whales finish up and dove down. What happened next took everyone by surprise!Humpbacks are marine mammals...
    Watch Trailer for Netlix s Futuristic Time Loop SciFi Movie
    Film   /  
    Netflix has debuted the first trailer for a sci-fi film called ARQ. The film is about a unique technological device called the "ARQ", which an engineer invents and keeps in his...
    Some Kids Cover Nirvana s Dumb
    Video   /  
    Nirvana Dumb Cover with Cello
    Let Your Kids Design Their Own Clothing
    Design   /  
    Over on Picture This, kids can draw their own fabric patterns, send in the designs and receive a custom cut-and-sewn dress in the mail. Good idea!
    The Art of Embracing Damage
    Video   /  
    On the Japanese mending practice of Kintsugi
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