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    Arya vs Brienne Lightsaber Duel
    Video   /  
    Arya Stark fights Brienne of Tarth making for an epic Lightsaber duel.
    How to Put a Kid to Bed
    Video   /  
    New Zealand dad, Jordan Watson, demonstrates different techniques dads use to put their kids to bed.
    Ozzy Man Recaps the Crazy Things That Happened in July
    Video   /  
    "Here's me commentary on WTF Happened in the month of July 2017. "
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    Picture of day Slave Leia Cosplay
    Pic   /  
    Julz O’Gallegostein (a.k.a. “Bearded Leia“) dressed up in his Slave Leia costume posing next to an inflated version of Jabba the Hutt made out of balloons.
    A Man Goes to Jail Because the Best Buy Cashier Had Never Before Seen a TwoDollar
    Video   /  
    Some people don't know that two dollar bills are real, so when Mike Bolesta used over 50 of them to make a purchase at a Best Buy store, an encounter with the police and Secret Service...
    Jamie Lannister Oathbreaker
    Video   /  
    "Last episode (7x4) was mesmerizing, I was on the edge of my seat, I didn't know who to root for, everything was executed brilliantly and it was without any doubt one of the best episodes...
    Swimming Without Water
    Video   /  
    Swimming without water
    Ten Meter Tower
    Video   /  
    Swedes jumping from 10 meters for the first time.
    149 Mountain Bike Vs Mountain
    Video   /  
    The Walmart Enduro
    The Best Fails of the Week 819948221981967465
    Video   /  
    Fail Army presents a collection of the best and funniest fail videos that hit the Internet during the second week of August 2017.
    Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Explained
    Video   /  
    Will Westeros run out of food? Who are the Golden Company? What does “Chaos is a ladder” mean? How does Brienne understand her identity? What do the cave paintings in Dragonstone...
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    Rally Cat invades the field during
    Video   /  
    A cat invading the field near Royals center fielder Lorenzo Cain turned out to be good luck for the Cardinals.
    Boxer Dog Learns to Walk in Shoes
    Video   /  
    Cooper learns to walk with shoes in 5 simple steps!
    Giro Boat 1961  Cool
    Video   /  
    Glasgow, Scotland.
    Dog Trained To Block Head During A Seizure
    Video   /  
    "This is how Colt a Weim/Lab is trained to block my head during a seizure, because I have a TBI it is very dangerous for me to hit my head, I can literally die if I hit my head really bad...
    Adam Savage Walks Incognito at Comic Con in the Alien Covenant
    Video   /  
    In this very special incognito walk through Comic-Con, Adam puts on one of the actual spacesuits from Alien: Covenant! This beautiful suit was made by FBFX, and is packed with incredible...
    The Colossal Squid Ice Cream Cone
    Other   /  
    In honor of the 10th anniversary of the arrival of the first colossal squid at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, the Giapo in Auckland, New Zealand created a yummy edible ice...
    GSHOCK Celebrates Its 35th Anniversary With Big Bang Black
    Gadget   /  
    Casio has announced the release of BIG BANG BLACK to celebrate the 35th anniversary of its G-SHOCK brand. The collection will use a new matte black finish that uses a technology to get...
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