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    Every Easter Egg in Star Wars The Last Jedi
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    Star Wars The Last Jedi. All the Easter Eggs, Cameos & References you can possible imagine, and more!
    Picture of day  nbsp Snow Monster
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    Snow Monster
    How Do Machines Learn
    Video   /  
    How do all the algorithms around us learn to do their jobs?
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    World s Steepest Funicular
    Video   /  
    The new funicular railway running to the Swiss mountain village of Stoos is the steepest of its kind in the world.
    The Fake Restaurant That Was London s Top Rated
    Video   /  
    "When you think about booking a table for a special occasion, do you look online for the best rated? If so, you might do so more cautiously after hearing Oobah Butler's story of how he...
    Hi  Bye Gloves
    Other   /  
    These Donna Wilson gloves are cool.
    NVIDIA Titan V
    Gadget   /  
    NVIDIA is bringing its new Volta architecture to the market with their most powerful PC GPU ever, the Titan V($3,000). That mothership of a graphics card boasts 110 deep learning...
    Jimmy Fallon Anna Kendrick Darlene Love and The Roots Perform Christmas on Classroom
    Video   /  
    Anna Kendrick joins Jimmy and The Roots in the Tonight Show Music Room to perform "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" with classroom instruments.
    Ocean s 8 Official Trailer
    Video   /  
    Warner Bros. Pictures just released the first trailer for Ocean's 8, an upcoming 2018 comedy heist film that's a spinoff and sequel to the Ocean's Trilogy. Ocean's 8 stars Sandra Bullock,...
    Guy starts jamming in a Goodwill Store
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    "It's the season of giving and at Goodwill giving never goes out of style. A generous donor gave us this piano at the Norwalk Store and now this talented gentleman is giving us the gift...
    Hill Country Farming
    Video   /  
    Rangitikei .New Zealand. 1000's of sheep being herding by sheepdogs from one paddock to another.
    How The Reusable Falcon 9 Returns To Earth
    Video   /  
    The partially reusable Falcon 9 and fully reusable Skylon are explored in this episode of Stan Draws Spaceships!
    Mailman Hits Mailbox Falls Out Of Car Car Plows Through Homeowner s
    Video   /  
    "It’s the Christmas season and delivery people are busy. Let’s hope none of them have a bad day like this. I heard a very loud noise outside, so we ran to see what occurred. We found...
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    A Giant Buddha Temple In Thailand With A 17Story Dragon Wrapped Around
    Video   /  
    In the Samphran district of Thailand sits one of the country’s most spectacular Buddhist temples. Wat Samphran is a towering pink masterpiece scaling in at 80 meters high — an homage...
    The Ol Scooter Frontflip Rider Backflip Scooter
    Video   /  
    This is a video detailing extreme pro scooterer Ryan Williams' journey to conquer the backflip nothing front scooter flip (aka the free Willy), a ramp jump trick where the scooter...
    Weak Guy Learns How to Tear a Phonebook in Half
    Video   /  
    "Even if you struggle with open jars of jam, with this technique you should be able to rip a phonebook in half no problem."
    Hostiles on the Hill  A Bad Lip Reading Star Wars
    Video   /  
    A Bad Lip Reading of The Empire Strikes Back
    Meet the Hero Dog Who Protects Planes From Bird
    Video   /  
    "Birds can pose a huge threat to flight safety, but when they see Piper on his way, geese, ducks and gulls flee the runways. It’s an important job, but not one without its share of...
    Star Wars Medley
    Video   /  
    Star Wars Medley
    Peter Jackson s Mortal Engines Official Teaser
    Film   /  
    Universal Pictures just released the first look at Mortal Engines an upcoming 2018 science fiction action film, from acclaimed director Peter Jackson, that's based on Philip Reeve's novel...
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