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    A Tribute to 40 Years of Hip Hop
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    "Over 150 songs from more than 100 artists representing 40 years of hip hop all crammed into 4 minutes. It’s not a chronological history of hip hop. It’s rappers from different eras...
    Awesome View of Jupiter Captured From NASA s Juno
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    Check out the awesome footage which has been captured of Jupiter from NASA’s Juno Spacecraft is still images and meticulously combined to create the spectacular two-minute video...
    Amazing Multi Dog Tricks
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    Four dogs perform amazing tricks.
    HeMan Raps DMX s Party Up Up In Here
    Video   /  
    Mashup of He-Man rapping along to “Party Up” by DMX. "To explain how my ridiculous brain works, I loved this show when I was a kid, and that DMX album was a certified 90’s classic,...
    American Made Official Trailer
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    Universal Pictures just released the officail trailer for Tom Cruise in American Made, an upcoming 2017 biographical crime drama-thriller that's based on the life of drug smuggler turned...
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    100 People Share Their Best PickUp Line
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    100 People Share Their Favorite Pick Up Line
    John Oliver on Trump Pulling Out of the Paris
    Video   /  
    Donald Trump plans to withdraw the United States from the Paris agreement on climate change. That's bad news for anyone who happens to live on this planet.
    Succulent Cactus Collar Pins
    Accessories   /  
    You love plants? Now you can wear them! These succulent/cactus collar pins from etsy, look cool.
    Every Guitar Technique in One Solo
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    Every Guitar Technique in One Solo
    One of the nastiest Rock Bouncer Hills
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    One Of The Nastiest Rock Bouncer Hills In Competition
    Why There Are So Many Vending Machines in Japan
    Video   /  
    What vending machines can teach you about this country"While in Japan I noticed vending machines everywhere. Looking into it a little deeper a discovered that there's a very interesting...
    Every Easter Egg and Hidden Reference in Wonder
    Video   /  
    Wonder Woman 2017 has a stack of Easter Eggs and References that you may have missed!
    SolSource Cooking Under The Sun
    Outdoor   /  
    The SolSource Sport is a new portable solar cooker, which uses the heat of the sun to cook your food. It warms up to cooking temps (392º) in just minutes, capturing enough heat to...
    The Essential Phone
    Gadget   /  
    The phone created by Android founder Andy Rubin. Rubin is launching a new company called Essential Products and their first product is a premium Android smartphone with all the bells and...
    10 Hours of Walking in NYC wearing a Romper
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    10 Hours of Walking in NYC wearing a Romper
    Why You Need An Early Night
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    The solutions to many of life’s largest problems begin with a beautifully downbeat and simple matter: the need to get an early night. There are a host of reasons why taking to bed early...
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