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    Father Makes Jewelry From Scrap Metal for Thrilled
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    Carolina Breeze, a 23-year-old filmmaking studen. She proudly explained how her father taught himself to make jewelry from scrap metal when he was out of work.
    "About a year ago, my father (45) came to me and showed me a piece of jewelry he made out of scrap metal. The jewelry junkie inside me felt like my world had just turned upside down. I was full of surprise, admiration and love for my father who just lost his job but still remained a creative person that never stopped using his hands to bring some beauty and magic to the world.
    It was a big pendant made out of copper wire from an old radio combined with some ugly beads he took from an old piece of my jewelry. My father had never made jewelry before, and there it was...
    From that day on we’ve been designing different types of pendants, earrings and bracelets, all inspired by mythology, ancient cultures, Indian tribes, Celtic symbols, etc."

    [ images: Carolina Breeze , Carolina's Etsy store ]
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    DeLorean phone case
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    Transform your iPhone 6 into something that looks like the DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future. This DeLorean phone case is from Bandai japan for about $50 USD. Expected delivery date: June 2015.
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    Get to know plasma, the most common, but probably least understood, phase of matter in the universe!
    Breitling Chronoliner Watch
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    Breitling's new Chronoliner Watch,  inspired by Breitling styles from the '50s and '60s . The case itself is a strong 46mm, constructed of polished steel with two lugs and a matching crown that all play together nicely with the black ceramic coating on the bezel, and featuring  white ceramic numerals for displaying a second time zone. Water resistant down to 100 meters and fitted with an AR-coated sapphire crystal, its known stats are rounded out with two days of power reserves, a Breitling calibre 24 powering things inside, and steel bracelet options in your choice of a ocean classic mesh or a navitimer bracelet.
    Luna Smart Mattress Cover
    Luna announced their Smart Mattress Cover, which is a smart cover that includes built-in sensors and controled using your smartphone. The sensors allow for separate temperature zones for you and your partner, sleep tracking data  and integrate with your smart home. It also has monitors and evaluates your sleep quality and cycles. It even has a built-in smart alarm wakes you at the right moment of light sleep, so you can say goodbye to groggy mornings. Watch the video of it after more.
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    Mother Uses a Makeup App on Her 7WeekOld Son

    Mother Uses a Makeup App on Her 7WeekOld Son
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    Mother Unicornreality used a makeup app to give her 7-week-old baby a virtual makeover. Hilarious.
    We don’t encourage trying this with real makeup, as this can cause problems for your baby’s sensitive skin, but putting makeup on photos with an app is cool!
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    Scarface retold via old-school 8-bit game tech.
    Halo Motorcycle Helmet
    This helmet looks amazing and features front air intakes to prevent fogging and rear exhaust vents to keep your head cool while riding your bite. There’s also a reflective shield with UV protection and removable top and cheek pads. It looks so cool. Designed by toy-maker NECA.  The fresh images are still marked "not final" and there's no price just yet, but Master Chief is definitely starting to take form. The Halo helmet will hit stores in July and it is fully approved by the Department of Transportation in the United States. For Halo fans!
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    Why Poor Places Are More Diverse
    Graveyard Snowmen
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    "Whoever has the talent and creativity to make this, you are my hero "
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    Gif eye
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    Love is Like an Unfamiliar Shower
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    'Love is Like an Unfamiliar Shower' by Grant Snider of Incidental Comics.
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