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    This is a video of a French base jumper being launched off a cliff in a giant slingshot, just like an Angry Bird. Haha, cool.
    "Project involved 30 people for 3 months, and there is not only a catapult we brought to the edge of a cliff ;)"
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    Toy Story 4 has been officially announced, and you'll never guess which new toy is joining Woody and Buzz in their new adventure.
    Boosted Boards
    Launched two years ago on Kickstarter, the new line of Boosted Boards features the same American-made bamboo decks, and  feature even better technology than the original.  The new entry-level, extra-portable Boosted Board is called the Single, thanks to its one-motor drive system controlled by a handheld remote throttle. It costs a single grand: $1,000. With 1,000 watts of power, it can hit top speeds of 18 mph and go seven miles on a single charge. The single can climb hills up to a 15 percent grade, and weighing in at 13.5 pounds.
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    Marvel's Avengers: Age Of Ultron - Official Extended Trailer
    Insane experiments you probably won’t be learning in school.
    John Glaude, who used to weigh 360 pounds, removes his clothes for the first time on camera to show his viewers the loose skin that resulted from his dramatic weight loss.
    Spike your food with your favorite condiment anytime and anywhere with Sriracha2Go. It is a refillable 1.25oz bottle that comes with a carabiner. It doesn’t actually come with sriracha though. Good idea.
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    every asdfmovie so far!
    Mr Coffee Smart Coffeemaker
    This is a new Mr. Coffee smart coffee($143) maker by Belkin. This Wifi-Enabled machine uses WeMo App on your smartphone controlled coffee machine enables you to schedule, monitor, and modify your brew whenever you like and from any place. This coffeemaker also features a optimal brew technology(brews coffee faster in under 7 minutes and heats up water to the ideal brewing temperature to optimize flavor from the grounds.)
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    How to do a pre-sliced banana magic trick. Cut your banana into segments before you even peel it! Great party trick which will amuse both adults and children. Simple to follow tutorial, all you need is a needle and a banana.
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