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    Chinese School Girl Set Guinness World Record for Jumping Over 110 Individual Skipping
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    "This classic piece of footage from the CCTV-Guinness World Records Special 2011 TV series shows Wang Zhuoxin, a young school girl from Zhuang Central Primary School in Beijing, China,...
    1979 Solar Eclipse ABC News Coverage
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    Skip to 09:15 where today's Eclipse is mentioned.
    A Dialect Coach Analyzes Actors Who Played Real People in Movies and TV
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    "Dialect coach Erik Singer takes a look at idiolects, better known as the specific way one individual speaks. To best break down this concept, Erik analyzes some actors playing real...
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    Honest Retro TV Themes
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    Honest Retro TV Themes!
    101 Facts About New York City
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    It’s time for 101 Facts about New York City.
    Shepard Smith s Eclipse Coverage Was Fantastic
    Video   /  
    Washington Free Beacon put together this amusing supercut of FOX News anchor Shepard Smith faking enthusiasm during yesterday's coverage of the solar eclipse over the U.S.
    Ozzy Man Reviews Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 534305033991369480
    Video   /  
    "Me recap and review of GoT Season 7 Episode 6 called "Beyond the Wall". What a fair dinkum rollercoaster that one was."
    Marvel s The Punisher Trailer Frank Castle is
    Video   /  
    Netflix released a concrete crushing trailer for The Punisher, Marvel‘s upcoming television series about the comic book character of the same name.  The Punisher is scheduled to...
    Blue Angels Sneak Pass Reaction Chicago 2017
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    Blue Angels Sneak Pass Reaction Chicago 2017 (Sunday)
    Why A Total Solar Eclipse Is Such A Big Deal
    Video   /  
    How solar and lunar eclipses work.
    Vision MercedesMaybach 6 Cabriolet
    Concept   /  
    Yacht-inspired concept from Maybach has storage for dinner plates, cutlery, umbrellas and luggage - and it's got an all-electric range of over 300 miles.The new Vision...
    The Best In the Face Fail Videos
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    "Ever been slapped in the face by a fish? No, well we've got a good one for you! We've got some amazing in the face fails for you to enjoy."
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    How An MS Paint Artist Made This Picture
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    Pat Hines used MS Paint for all the illustrations in his book. Here's how.
    Gummy Gas Crisis A Animated Short Taps Into Everything We Love About Retro Video
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    "Gummy Gas Crisis tells the story of a space gasman, Ed, who must overcome various obstacles in order to save his hometown. In this adventure, the mayor of the city asks Ed to fix a gas...
    Yaket Ice
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    The Yaket Ice Pack(kickstarter project) will get your drinks colder faster & keep them icy for 12 hours. They’ll also take up less space in your cooler. With the icepack frozen...
    If Student Loans Were Honest
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    "College is going to be one of the biggest investments of your life, which is why you should just trust what the student loan companies tell you without even thinking twice about how much...
    Gay of Thrones Recaps Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 858638715160714930
    Video   /  
    Gay Of Thrones S7 E6: Behind the Balls (with GLOW’s Kimmy Gatewood)
    Why Can  t Dogs Eat Chocolate
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    "It’s hard to say 'no' to puppy eyes, so here’s some information you can share with your pets next time you unwrap that chocolate bar"
    Compilation Of Elevator Pranks Ylvis
    Video   /  
    Ylvis is a Norwegian comedy duo consisting of brothers Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker.
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