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    From Scammer To Saint
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    This man was contacted on Facebook by a guy in Liberia who wanted me to ship him electronic devices. Internet scam turned into a humanitarian mission.
    Here s the First Trailer for Mamma Mia Here We Go
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    Universal Pictures just released the first look at Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, the upcoming 2018 sequel to the hit 2008 romantic comedy musical film, Mamma Mia!."Ten years after Mamma...
    Gina Rodriguez Answers 73 Random Questions for
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    Actress Gina Rodriguez invites Vogue in and answers 73 questions.
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    Jimmy reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #MyDumbTradition.
    Scary Sounds Coming From The Woods
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    Witset (moricetown) British Columbia. this happened Saturday December 16 8:30 am
    Mark Wahlberg Explains Boston Slang
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    Mark Wahlberg teaches you Boston slang words.
    Will Smith and Joel Edgerton Answer the Internet s Most Searched Questions About
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    "Bright" stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton answer the Internet's most searched questions about themselves. What is Will Smith's IQ? Who did Joel Edgerton play in Star Wars? Who is Will...
    A Fantastic Journey Through The 80s Movies
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    "A fantastic journey into the most faboulous decade of Cinema history: the 80s !!!! From Indiana Jones to Terminator, from Star Wars to Flashdance, you can see here a wonderful...
    Slow Motion Footage of a Fire Tornado Swirling Around In Front of a Beautiful Utah
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    Darren Dyk of Beyond Slow Motion and a group of his friends built a huge fire tornado using box fans and captured slow motion footage of the fiery tornado swirling around in front of a...
    An Amazing Rainbow Spiral Built Out of 12 000
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    "Together with Sprice Machines & Dynamic Domino, we spent 2 days building this amazing rainbow spiral with 12,000 dominoes! " Cool!
    A Incredible Star Wars Christmas Light Show
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    2017 Star Wars Christmas Light Show - A Dubstep EDM Cover of Darth Vader’s Imperial March"This 2017 Star Wars light show is located in downtown San Antonio, Texas at Dignowity Park and...
    The biggest Snail you ever see
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    German insect enthusiast and breeder Adrian Kozakiewicz of Insecthaus proudly displayed a gorgeous archachatina marginata ovum – a giant West African snail.
    CG Timelapse Of A Death Star Being Built
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    This is a CG timelapse created by Benjamin and Isaac Botkin of a Death Star being constructed.
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    Alex Trebek Behind The Scenes
    Video   /  
    The host of 'Jeopardy!' since 1984.
    Simon s Cat Logic Why Cats Go Crazy for Catnip
    Video   /  
    Ever wondered why cats go crazy for catnip? Or does your cat not react to it? Find out why in our latest Cat Logic.
    American Kids Try Korean Food for the First Time
    Video   /  
    American Kids Try Korean Food
    The CarMounted Rooftop Beverage Chiller
    Gadget   /  
    The Blitzen Rooftop Chiller is a magnetic car roof-rack designed to provide natural chilling for your bottle of choice."Blitzen is the everyman's chiller. Simply strap your...
    Buying People Presents That Are Really For
    Video   /  
    The latest sketch from British comedy trio, Tel Mears, Joel Stern, and Mark Whelan, aka "Third Leg Studios," spoofs the experience of receiving gifts that are not-so-secretly...
    MindBlowing 3D Digital Sculptures That Look Like
    Other   /  
    Surrealist artist Chad Knight has created a mind-blowing collection of 3D digital sculptures that look they actually exist in the real world.
    Dear Satan
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    In this amusing animated short Christmas film from Anomaly London, that's narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart, a little girl's innocent typo on a letter to Santa Claus gives Satan unexpected...
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