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    Yamaha s 360Degree Spherical Drum Kit

    This is Raijin, a spherical drum kit designed by Yamaha's motorcycle division. Cool!
    "This design seeks to create an ideal form that will allow human beings to go beyond existing methods to express themselves. The design resembles a globe and allows performers to let their imaginations run wild on an assortment of different kinds of drums. Energy erupts centered on the performer and creates an increasingly visually dynamic world of sound."
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    Trefecta DRT Electric Dirt Bike
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    Trefecta Mobility  presents its latest DRT Electric Dirt Bike. It is  a simple  technologically-enhanced electric bike, which features a 20-inch 7075 aluminum frame and a unique hybrid pedal system efficiently utilizes both electrical and mechanical power. Handlebar controls provide convenient function controls and essential riding statistics, including speed, distance and battery life
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    This is a video of French cyclist Eric Barone beat his own world speed record with a mountain bike on snow in Vars (French alps) on the Chabrieres speed track (KL). After 3 years of a challenging project, Eric Barone, 54, surrounded by his team, reached 223,3 km/h (138,752 mph) despite difficult weather conditions at the summit.
    Famous Rock Bands Get All Their Members Faces Composited Into One
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    This is the Face Of Rock, a series of photos of famous rock bands represented by a single composite of all the band members' faces, combining the appearances of members from 30 legendary bands to depict the ‘average face’ of each group.
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    Nikon Unveils Digital Camera Selfie Stick
    Nikon has released its N-MP001, a selfie stick not for smartphones, but for its line of Coolpix digital cameras. . Like a regular selfie stick, the stick extends up to almost 30 inches, with its shortest at 7.28 inches, with the ability to hold up a digital camera up to 0.88 lbs in weight. The camera connects through the tripod socket.The selfie stick is available now for preorder  at B&H and Adorama for $60 USD.
    Dubbed "Le Bistro du Lion," the truck is a project of the Peugeot Design Lab. It's built around a custom van with matching trailer that rolls onto site and deploys into a pop-up restaurant, complete with mobile kitchen, standing tables for 30 patrons and even a DJ booth.
    It's been outfitted by food-truck specialist Euromag with two grilling plates, four induction burners, a deep fryer, a hundred-gallon floorboard refrigerator, a secondary 90-gallon drinks fridge and a Rocket Espresso machine. Naturally, PSP Peugeot provides the salt- and pepper-mills, while a 46-inch screen shows patrons outside what's going on in the kitchen, vocalized by a Focal sound system already sampled by French DJs Adriano and The Reflex.
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    The 5th season of Game of Thrones is right around the corner. Here is an animated map that explains what happened in the last season and and where every character is right now.
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    How to take your left-over legos and turn them into a secret, hidden, magnetized safe.
    In this project we will show you how to take those old Legos you have laying around and turn them into something unique and useful! We will be creating a hidden drawer inside a lego block that will not draw suspicion. By attaching some magnets to our final project we can create a safe only accessible if you know where the internal magnet is.
    Likecoolcase s Wooden ipad Stand

    Likecoolcase s Wooden ipad Stand
    Apple   /   Comments
    Likecoolcase's Wooden ipad Stand($35) for your iPad and iPad min. Made from wood plywood and hand polishing. Simply. For iPhone version here.
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    The 525 Relentless  nbsp a commercial helicopter

    The 525 Relentless  nbsp a commercial helicopter
    The 525 Relentless is a  first commercial helicopter, designed by Bell Helicopter. The 525 Relentless is the first commercial helicopter with a fly-by-wire cockpit, and it features sidekick controls with an integrated touchscreen Garmin flight deck. Crusing speeds can reach 178 miles per hour and fly up to 575 miles without having to refuel. This allows it to meet the demands of emergency response crews as well as corporate shuttle missions.  The helicopter is expected to fly sometime this spring with deliveries starting next year. Pricing is not available at this time.
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    And This Is Why I Don  t Play RPGs
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    Ain’t nobody got time for that! Geez, just show me where to point my gun, rinse, and repeat.
     Anyone else can’t stand role playing games?
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    This clip, from ""Monty Python's The Meaning of Life"", appears in ""The Middle of the Film"". After a brief, surreal piece in which a drag queen (Graham Chapman), a gangly long-armed man (Terry Jones), and an elephant-headed butler eerily challenge the audience to find a fish in the scene, all six members of Monty Python appear as fish swimming and chatting to each other in a restaurant fish tank.
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