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    iTwin turns any PC into a personal cloud server
    Gear  /  Desktop
    The iTwin is labeled as the "USB Drive Reinvented," but it isn't a USB drive. It's like an unlimited capacity USB flash drive. Plug one half into an online computer, plug the other half into any other online computer & the 2 computers are connected. Simply plug the two halves of iTwin into any two online computers and you're sharing. Copy, back-up or remotely edit files on one computer from the other.

    The dongle auto-installs its software the first time you plug it in, and the two halves generate and share an encryption key between themselves whilst still joined together. Then, when split, the second part can be plugged into any machine and files are transferred back and forth. ITwin is billed as a connecting cable, without the cable. 
    The price is $100. If you lose the traveling half , whoever finds would have to break the encryption to get at your stuff. And, in case of loss or theft, you can just order the second half ($50).

    Via Dvice / By Ben on Mon Nov 14 2011
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